Anne Kathleen Giblet collection plus SALE!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I had to work, but it was a really fun day, I work with some awesome people. Today I have for you Anne Kathleens newest collection, the Giblet collection. It consists of 4 new polishes, and they are all super pretty. Since the formula and application is the same for all, I'm just going to say it here. They all applied easily, and were just the right consistency, not to think or thin. I used 2 coats for them all and had excellent coverage. Lets see them!

First up is Lauda, a gold shimmer with scattered holo. Love the holo & shimmer in this.

Next is Oksana. This is a medium brown with scattered holo. I love anything holo, but sadly my camera seems to hate most holos. No matter how I try, some just will not be captured and this is one of them. But its there.

Sana is a dark brown scattered holo. This one you can see the holo in a bit better thankfully!

Last I have Thana. This one is a glitter topper, but I decided to see how it would do on its own. It does quite well, and is gorgeous! My camera loved this one, so you get to see it in all its glory! This is packed full of fine gold holo pigments, and is stunning. Would make a great New Years Eve mani!

There you have the Giblet collection. My favorite is Thana, but they are all really pretty and you cant go wrong with any of them! Now, I mentoned something about a sale. Heres all the info!

Sale runs from Black Friday, Nov 28 - Cyber Monday, Dec 1st
Sale is for 25% off all orders and code is: TURKEYTURKEY

I have also been informed that a new collection is being released on Dec 1st, called the Holiday Night Lights collection, 6 jelly glitter glow in the dark polishes. Code will still be active for the relese of those so keep an eye out!

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New Anne Kathleen collection

*Press Sample Provided For Honest Review*

Today I have for you the new collection from Anne Kathleen that released today! It consists of 5 fun silver glitter toppers and is called Snowfall In Silver. Lets see them shall we!

First up is Silvana, a linear silver holographic polish with different size silver holographic star glitters and small silver holographic hex glitter. I used 1 coat over Orly Gumdrop, and it went on easily. I didn't have to fish for the stars, they came out on their own.

Next is Silvia, a linear silver holographic polish with holographic bar glitter. I'm not usually a big fan of bar glitter, but there is something mesmerizing about the way the holo makes this look that I love. I used 1 coat over Nubar Honeysuckle and again it applied easily.

This is Silver, a linear silver holographic polish with different size silver holographic hex glitters. I used 1 coat over Zoya Paz. Easy application, lots of glitter with just one coat.

Sylvan is a linear silver holographic polish with different size square holographic glitters. I used 1 coat over OPI Dating a Royal. I did have a slight issue getting a lot of the square glitters to come out, but it applied well other than that.

Last is Silvestra, a linear silver holographic polish with different size silver holographic hex glitters. I used 1 coat over China Glaze Mediterranean Charm. This is similar to Silver with the hex glitters in both, but still different because of the sizes used. This applied easily as well.

So there you have the newest collection from Anne Kathleen! I think there is something here for anybody looking for a silver holo glitter topper, there is enough variety in the shapes. These released today, so they are available now for purchase. Keep up to date with Anne Kathleen at any of the links below!