H is for Hoof Wrassle

Todays H is for Rainbow Honeys Hoof Wrassle. Been kinda busy this week so I didn't have a chance to do anything new, and I even had to skip the last Halloween Challenge. Got lots of time off coming up after tomorrow, and I am going to use it to get way ahead in this and the Sat-ART-Day challenges.

So here is Hoof Wrassle (on my longer summer nails before work broke them all off), 2 coats of perfect formula.

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Halloween Challenge - Scary movie

Todays Halloween challenge theme is Influenced by a Scary Movie. I love scary movies, and one of my favorites is Arachnophobia. So that is what I chose for today. Only problem is I just could not get my polish or stamper and plate to work with me no matter what. The spider shows up decent, but the webs are too faint :( I used 1 coat of Sally Hansen Black Out and stamped BM13 with Wet N Wild Bad For Credit Cards.

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Sat-ART-Day - Halloween

Todays Sat-ART-Day is Halloween. I totally thought I already had something done for today, then went to make this post and can't find it :(. I have a Girl Scout event today, so I can't do something new, and I am already wearing some Sally Hansen Nail Strips. So today is a fail as I have to just post that, and I even screwed up my index finger :(. So here is my Halloween nail strips. I do like them, but I honestly thought I had a mani done for today. I must have dreamed it!

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Halloween Challenge - Blood/Gore/Spatter

Today is blood/gore/spatter int eh Halloween challenge. This one I think is my favorite one I've done so far, its also the first time I have done anything like this. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen White On and that spattered Orly Ignite over it. It got a little messy but I like it that way!

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G is for GlitterDaze!

So this was supposed to get posted yesterday but it failed. So today, you will get 2 posts from me. The second post will go up later today. So for the ABC challenge this week I kinda cheated again, I picked a polish brand that starts with G, GlitterDaze! But, I only did this because I got in the Charmed Halloween collection and couldn't WAIT to try one! I love Charmed, so of course I had to get the whole set! I picked the one that is my favorite in the bottle, Source of All Evil. I will have a proper swatch/review post for them all soon, so we shall see if this one remains my favorite after I have tried them all.

Here is Source of All Evil, 3 coats on its own. I love it!

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Halloween challenge - Pumpkins

Today is pumpkin day for the Halloween Challenge! I had planned to use stamping plates to do them, but then decided to go freehand. I decided to do jack-o-lanterns instead of plain pumpkins. I used 2 coats of Revlon Marmalade and Kiss Nail Art pen to do the faces. I didn't wait long enough for the base to dry I guess, and the pen was dragging the polish, so you can see it is more dotted on than drawn on. The dots are more noticeable in the picture than they were in person, my daughter loved it so thats good enough for me! :)

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Sat-ART-Day - reptiles and frogs

Todays Sat-ART-Day challenge is to do reptiles and frogs. I used my BM15 lizard stamp. I did 3 coats of Dollish Polish Baby Gravy for a nice white sandy beach and A England Dragon for the lizards.

Not happy with it, but as I left it to the last minute it will have to do.

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Halloween Challenge!

Todays Halloween challenge is Things That Go Bump in the Night. I have to admit that I don't remember what colors or plate I used, and right now I can't find my notes :(. I will come back and edit this when I find it! Found it! I used 2 coats of Wet N Wild Silvivor and stamped BM05 with Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond. Heres the pic:

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F is for Fire Hydrants

Today is F in the ABC Challenge, and I chose Fire Hydrants. This was actually going to be my D (for dog prints) but once it was done I didn't think you could see the prints enough so I saved it. I used 2 coats of Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond and stamped with Wet N Wild magnetic Bad For Credit Cards using BM306. I like how it turned out (except my pinkie lol), its one of my better ones! I am having fun using my stamping plates and practicing so hopefully I get better and better!

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Halloween Chalenge, freestyle

Today for the Halloween challenge it is Freestyle. Not much to say about this one, I basically used some of my other Halloween image plates that aren't going to be used for the rest of this challenge lol. I used 2 coats of Revlon Starry Eyed and stamped with Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and BM13, BM213 and BM305.

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Sat-ART-Day - 50s

Todays theme is the 50s. I really like this one, I actually had a few ideas this time! I chose to do a poodle skirt. I used 3 coats of Color Club Blushing Rose, stamped BM04 with Sally Hansen White On and used my Kiss nail art paint. Not the most original idea I admit, I have seen this done before, but I wanted something I could do a little bit of freehand with. Here it is:

Definitely not the worst I have ever done, but I do think I should have used either a darker/brighter pink for the base or stamped/free handed with black. The pale pink and white are both just too light, though you can see it better in person.

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Rainbow Honey The Yokai Collection

Today I have a very special post! I have for review for you the brand new Yokai Collection from Rainbow Honey, which goes on sale tomorrow, October 13th! A couple months ago, I along with some other bloggers, were contacted about keeping a secret by Rainbow Honey. I got the email as I was getting into bed and had checked one last time on my phone. I immediately replied that I would love the chance to review the new collection, not knowing anything about what it would be, but sure it would be great. A very excited, sleepless night ensued! lol Then we got an email saying the polishes would be going out and I checked the mail obsessively until I had them in my hands. I have to say, I was not disappointed! So yes, these polishes were provided for free for review purposes, but I will give a completely honest review of them.

The Yokai Collection is based off of Japanese folklore. The Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters. It is a very unique take on all of the different fall/Halloween collections that are coming out. Click the cut to see the pretties!


Halloween Challenge, Witches

Today I have a last minute challenge post, I just got done with this about an hour ago! I don't know how todays slipped through the cracks, I thought I was ahead by a couple weeks on everything, oops! So this wasn't my original plan, but I got new polishes in and just had to use one!

I have 4 coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam Wicked on 3 fingers (full post for this and the other 2 HalloWhimsies to come soon!), and 2 coats of Wet N Wild SaGreena the Teenage Witch (completely coincidentally! lol) stamped with BM209 and Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris. I had planned to use a witch flying on her broom stamp, but couldnt get it to work properly so I switched so I could get this done!

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E is for Easter

I'm back today with E, which I must say is a failure :( Try as I might, I just could not get the full images to stamp, and then I went and did them so they photographed upside down lol. I didn't have a chance to try to redo them or do something different, so I am stuck using this. I chose to do Easter for E, and I have Easter Bunnies and Easter Bunnies with Easter Eggs. I used 2 coats of Wet N Wild magnetic Bad For Credits Cards as a base, and I stamped with Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris and BM302.

Not happy with this one at all, but I didn't want to skip another day of another challenge!

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Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh

Today is supposed to be zombie day in the Halloween Challenge, but I could not come up with an idea and couldn't get anything to look even remotely like a zombie! So I have decided to skip today, but in keeping with the theme I have Zombie Flesh from Dollish Polish for you!

Zombie Flesh is a sickly green/grey base color with small and medium black hex and tiny green and gold glitters. It is inspired by zombies and The Walking Dead, a show I love and hate at the same time! It looks just like what I would imagine rotting zombie flesh looks like. Here is 3 coats of Zombie Flesh on its own, no top coat:

Hope I don't have to skip any other days in any of the challenges I'm doing, it looks good so far, this one just kicked my butt since I have no zombie stamping plates, or brains, and zero free hand skills lol


Sat-ART-Day presesnts - Tarts!

Today marks the first challenge in the new Sat-ART-Day challenge from Crumpets Nail Tarts! Fittingly, todays theme is tarts. I had such a hard time coming up with any ideas for this, especially since my nail art skills are limited lol. So, here is what I came up with!

Fruit tarts! (sort of lol) I used 2 coats of Orly Glow as my 'pastry colored' base, and stamped the fruit on using BM04 and BM05. The orange is Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, the grapes are China Glaze Grape Pop, the strawberry is Wet N Wild Everybody Loves Redmond and the lemon is Zoya Pippa.

I like the way this turned out, even if it isn't the best interpretation of the theme! I'm really enjoying these challenges I have going on, even if I have no clue what to do for a few of them!

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Halloween Challenge day 2

Today in the Halloween Challenge is Black Cats, and I have really waited til the last minute to post this! I forgot it was for today, so this is a quick post before bed. Pretty simple mani for this one, I used 2 coats of OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby? and stamped with Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris with BM04 plate, with top coat over it. Not anything too special, but I seem to be improving on my stamping little by little!

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D is for Dots

 Gonna make this post short and sweet since its already late here. Todays letter is D, and I had a few failed attempts at ideas for this. The only thing I could get to work I decided to save for another letter, so I tried my hand at dotting for the first time. I used 2 coats of China Glaze Exotic Encounter and dotted with Wet N Wild magnetic Bad For Credit Cards.

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Halloween Challenge day 1

Today is the first day of the second challenge I am taking part in, the Halloween Challenge for Crumpets Nail Tarts FB group. Here is what the challenge is going to be:

There are a couple of the days I have no clue how I am going to come up with something, but I will do my best!

For today, I did candy corn, one of my favorite parts of Fall and Halloween! I love the stuff. I did this using 2 coats of Sally Hansen White on as the base, and then using my Kiss nail art polishes in orange and yellow. I did it all free hand, no tape or anything else to help me get the lines straight, as you can see lol.

So there is my attempt at free hand candy corn! Check out all the other lovely ladies taking part in this challenge: