Model City Wear With Caution

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've come down with a bit of a cold but otherwise just busy with last minute things before we move out of our house Thursday. I had planned on being able to clear out my unposted swatches folder, but after looking at all the pictures I deleted everything. I wasn't happy with my crappy short nails or the picture quality, so I only have a few pictures I am happy with so I will have to work on redoing everything else in between swatching anything new I come across. So for now, it will be the few things I do have and then whatever I wear or get new for the next few months until we get settled into our new house and I have all my babies back! Being the polish addict I am though, I already have a dozen or so polishes waiting for me at my inlaws, and am planning on taking with me in my suitcase as many as I can and mailing as many as I can ahead of time, so I wont be without polish!

Today though I have a color that is absolutely stunning! I love this one so much I have worn it twice, plus as a pedicure, even though I have hundreds of untrieds! It is Model City Wear With Caution, and it is the prettiest purple color with the most amazing holo! You may remember that I have said holo is my favorite finish, well this is my favorite holo I have at this moment. Purple is my favorite color, so give me an awesome purple holo and I'm set! This is 3 coats, with Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat (my favorite quick dry top coat) which you can see does not dull the holo at all. It went on great, formula was nice and smooth. If I didn't have my CNS with the french tip, I think 2 coats would have been enough for complete opacity. The white on these is very white and harder to cover. Model City makes wonderful polish, everything I have is very consistent in formula.

On to the pics! The top picture was taken outside in bright direct sunlight, and the bottom picture was taken inside in my laundry room with no direct light, just what came in through the window. Amazing holo even in normal lighting!

I hope you can see why I love this polish so much. It is definitely one going with me in my suitcase! What do you think? Do you love holo as much as I do?


A England Briarwood

Today I have a polish I wore a couple weeks ago and just loved. I was supposed to be doing some swatching, but I just couldn't bare to take this one off quite yet so the swatching was put on hold for a couple days, but has since been done, just not posted yet. That post will be up in a few days hopefully! Anyway, here is A England Briarwood, it is so pretty! I just love every single A England polish, they never fail to disappoint in formula. This went on easily in 2 coats, but 1 was almost enough, like with most A England. I tend to do 2 coats no matter what out of habit though. Here is the beauty that is Briarwood!


Dollish Polish Cold Winds Are Rising

Happy Friday!! I haven't posted lately, I was busy swatching all 1214 polishes I have on to nail wheels! We lost power one day, and I started swatching and then just decided to finish everything up. Its a relief to be done, as long as I dont think about the fact that waiting for me at my inlaws place when we get there in 3 weeks are about 20 more, and my birthday is next month which is also my month in my birthday group! lol. The wheels sure do look pretty :). I would love to have those swatch sticks though to do it all over again and be easier to compare colors. Anyway, as I mentioned, it is exactly 3 weeks from today that we get on a plane to move, leaving England behind. I am going to try to post more often, but it will most likely be older swatches I have stored, so don't mind the differing lenghts of my nails :).

Today I am going to show you Cold Winds Are Rising by Dollish Polish. I really love this color, its a very nice shade of gray with blue and teal glitters. Its based off of Game of Thrones, and I absolutely love that show! This is 3 coats which went on easily. The formula is just right, easy to apply and glitters distribute nicely.

 Enjoy the weekend!