Favorite Indies, part 4

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe evening, we are staying home and not doing much of anything. My daughter is 7 and thinks it is the coolest thing ever to stay up til midnight :). No matter how bad or good your 2012 was, I wish for everyone to have a 2013 that is a million times better.

Lets move right on to those indie brands that I own the most of!


Favorite Indies part 3

We are up to part 3 now, and its being posted as promised! This part features the second brand that I have 9 of, and then the start of the double digits! Lets get right to it!

Favorite Indies part 2

Today I have part 2 that was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was busy and then too tired to post it! I will have part 3 later on today as well. I want to say first off, some of these pictures are not the greatest. Living in England natural light is limited with most days being crappy, cloudy and dark, so I have to do my best with indoor lighting and it just could not capture this. Lets get to it though shall we?


Favorite Indies

Last night I decided to make a couple end of year posts on who my favorite indie makers are and my favorite indie polishes. I was going to do top 5, and I started making my list. Which then grew to 10, then 15, and I just couldn't narrow it down. There are so many great indie makers out there, and as I have had even the briefest conversations with quite a few of them, I see them as the people behind the brand and that made it so much harder to stick to a top 5. So what I decided to do was list my favorite polish from each brand that I own (and for some tell what my favorite collection was if I have one). I am not putting these in any order other than simply by how many of their polishes I own. I am breaking this down into 8 brands over 4 different posts, for the next 4 days. As I only got into collecting polish really early this year, and indies not long after, these have all been purchased this year even if they were released before that. So lets see what indies I have shall we?


N is for No More

Happy Tuesday! I can't wait for this week to be over, then I'm off for 2 weeks! I have big plans to do lots of swatching and nail art, but we shall see how much I actually get done! I am cutting this one pretty close, as tomorrow starts posting for O, but I have N today. No More by Different Dimension is a polish with a cause, it was a limited edition to support National Domestic Violence Month in October. 50% of the proceeds went to a shelter to help women get out of bad situations. Very good cause, sadly this is no longer available for purchase. This is a purple glitterbomb, and I love purple! I layered 1 coat over 3 coats of Ciate Purple Sherbert. Great glitter coverage, and I can't believe this is the first time I am posting one of Different Dimensions polishes! I am sort of obsessed with everything she makes, and I think I probably own 90% of her store lol. So you will definitely be seeing a lot more from her in the future!

Check out the other ladies, and hopefully I can keep to my plans for my break, cause I am excited about some things I have planned!


ABCs - M

We are up to M now, and today I have Master Chief by Dollish Polish. I am a huge Halo fan, so I immediately needed this polish. And then when she said she wouldn't be able to make anymore of this (as with Looking For My Mr Big), I grabbed 2 at the next restock she did. I love this polish, I'm so glad I got a backup so I dont have to worry about running out! This is a beautiful green holo. This is shown at 2 coats.

Check out the other ladies!


Holiday Challenge Day 1

I'm participating in the Crumpets Nail Tarts Holiday Challenge! Today is Day 1: Snowflakes and Snowfall. I had an image in my head for how this was going to look, needless to say it didn't turn out quite like I had hoped. It looks better in the picture than it did in person. I'd considered not posting it, but figured what the hell. I'm still new to stamping, and I ran out of time to try again to fix it, and I don't want to not participate just because I failed. So here we have 3 coats of Sally Hansen In A Flurry, one coat of Pretty and Polished S'no Mans Land on my ring finger, and stamping using Bunny Nails HD05 with Sally Hansen White On. I had hoped S'no Mans Land would be a little more sheer with one coat for what I had envisioned, in my head it lightly covered the nail with the white glitters looking like snowflakes falling in the night sky of In A Flurry. I'm still getting the hang of stamping, so they didn't completely come out how I wanted either. But, I'm not afraid to show my mistakes so here it is!

Here is what the other ladies taking part did! There is some awesome manis here, check them out!


ABC challenge - L

 Today I have for you a post I thought was going to post last week. Scheduling posts never seems to work for me so I give up lol. We are up to L in the ABC challenge, and today I have for you Dollish Polish Looking for My Mister Big. This is a very pretty violet shade with a blue duochrome flash and its also holo! I had wanted this for a while, but as soon as it was announced it was no longer going to be made after supplies ran out I made sure to grab it in her next restock (also bought 2 master Chiefs for the same reason lol). I used 4 coats here, it went on easily and once built up is amazing!

Lets see what everyone else did this week!