Upcoming KB Shimmer collection!

KB Shimmer is getting ready to release their Spring 2013 collection, which features 9 new shades! It is set for release on Feb 15th, 2013. Lets take a look at the colors shall we?

 What does everyone think? I love them, especially the 4 pastel ones Spring Training, Where My Peeps At, Lottie Dottie and Iris My Case. They look so very Spring/Easter to me. The others are pretty as well, KB Shimmer did a great job with this new collection! I'm loving the new label design as well. So, any of these scream must buy to you?

KB Shimmer polish and other beauty products can be found at their shop HERE


Random swatch spam!

Today I have some random swatches that are just sitting in my unposted folder. So lets get right to it!

First up I have Models Own Pinky Brown. I have to admit, this is one of the better pictures I have ever taken of my nails. I'm still working against the lovely England weather with hardly no sun, so I don't think they ever come out that great in the indoor lighting. But for this one I managed to actually even get the color shift to show up! This is 2 coats.

Next up I have for you Butter London Artful Dodger. Since I am admitting things, I have to say with all the hype I heard about this brand before I owned any, I"m not that impressed with it. It's good polish, I just don't really see anything special about it, especially not enough to justify the more expensive price tag. I have 2, and those will probably be the only 2 I ever have. I do like this blue, its a great shade. This is 3 coats.

Next up, another brand that I heard a lot of hype over that didn't live up to it, Rescue Beauty Lounge. I have Aqua Lily, a beautiful color, but again the formula didn't live up to the hype for the price. I have 2 of these as well and will probably not buy any more of these either. I do love the color, this is 3 coats.

To end on a happier note, I have Hits Hera. Hits were my first ever holos, and I love them just as much now as I did when I first saw them. They started my love affair with all things holo! This is 2 coats of Hera, actually taken in the sun this past summer!

Kind of a bummer post today, what with 2 brands I was disappointed in, but you can't like everything! The colors are still great, and the formulas aren't bad, just not as impressive as they are made to seem. Or at least as impressive as it seemed to me they should be from the glowing praise I read before getting them.


indie spam

Happy Friday! Sorry for not posting, with going back to work I have had trouble getting my schedule back. So since I don't really have any kind of post planned I decided to write up a spam post of some indies I have swatched but not gotten around to posting. I have a folder of over 100 pictures of different swatches that I need to get to, so expect more posts like this!

Pictures behind the cut :)