Whimsical Ideas by Pam Kitty Glitter

Today I have another one of the awesome Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Kitty Glitter. This one is a pale blue with silver glitter. It went on really well, I used 3 coats. It was still a bit sheer so next time I will layer it over another pale blue color. Formula was great, no fishing for glitter and the glitter stayed put once it was on. I love this color. Here is a picture in the sun, I'm not sure why the glitter on my finger tips looks like it has a couple black dots, it must have been the lighting/angle of the picture because it wasn't there in real life.

I have 5 polishes from her, and I can't wait to get my hands on some more. But I'm on a no/very low buy right now, so I have to prioritize my polish buying based on what little spare cash I may have each month. One day I will have more! If you want to buy some, and why wouldn't you? Check out her Facebook page where she has her ordering details: Whimsical Ideas by Pam


Once Upon a Polish Arabian Nights

Today I have for you 2 polishes, A England Elaine topped with Once Upon a Polish Arabian Nights. I did 2 coats of Elaine, usual A England perfect formula and 1 coat of Arabian Nights. Had no issues with Arabian Nights either, went on great with no problems getting the glitter out. I will say my picture makes it appear that the polish is bumpy, but I couldn't feel any sort of bumpiness at all really. Not much else to say, so lets see the pics!


Zoya Rory

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! Today I have Zoya Rory from the Beach and Surf collection. This is the first time I have ever worn polish that has only taken one coat. One coat AND I didn't have any clean up to do, it was that easy to apply. I think I'm getting better at application because this is the second or third time recently I haven't had any clean up to do. I'm quite impressed! I only wore this color for a couple days, because my Once Upon a Polish order came in yesterday and I just had to wear one of them! But in those couple days wear was good, no chips or tip wear, which for me is actually good. Zoya consistently has good polish, they are one of my favorite brands. Here is Rory in the sun:


Nfu Oh No 64

Today I have for you one of the Nfu Ohs I ordered not long ago. I'd been wanting to try this brand for a while so I'm glad I got this in before I had to put myself on a no buy. I still have a couple orders that haven't come in yet, but after that no more :( The bad thing about working at a school is though the hours are great and the summers off are awesome, not getting paid for 2 months is not. But back to the polish. I used the Aquabase base coat and 3 coats of polish with one coat of top coat. Formula is great, it went on really easy. I waited a couple minutes between coats and had no issues with dragging or anything. These pictures are taken outside on a mostly cloudy day, I took so many shots through out the day to try to get the best sunlight. But let me tell you, even inside in dim lighting the holo showed up. The tiniest bit of light made the rainbow come alive, so I was glad when I finally did get a break in the clouds even somewhat for these. I love this polish and am so glad I finally bought it!


Blog hoppin'

Just a quick post for now to say I am taking part in another blog hop since I've been having so much fun finding new blogs doing the other one. This one is over at BlogLoveTherapy. Looking forward to finding even more doing this one!



Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

Today I have for you an indie polish from Rainbow Honey based on the My Little Pony series. As I said in my haul post when I got this, as soon as I found out about this collection I had to have it. A Little Kindness is Fluttershy in a bottle, and I love it. For this mani I layered 2 coats of A Little Kindness over 3 coats of Nubar Yellow Primrose. I really love the way the combo came out! Funny story, the night before I did this I actually had a dream about doing this combo and when I checked my swatch sticks next to each other in the morning I knew I had to do it. Lets get on to the pictures shall we?

First I have a shot of the 3 coats of Nubar Yellow Primrose alone. I am not a fan of yellow, but this is such a pale delicate color I kinda like it.

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And the winner is....!

Thank you all for entering my first ever giveaway, I had fun doing it and hope to be able to do another one soon! But for now, here is your winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Congrats! I have already sent out the notification email, you now have 48 hours to respond. Thanks again everyone!


Nail Mail

Today was the last day of school, woohoo! I am now off work until the end of August. Looking forward to doing a lot of reading and making a dent in all my untried polishes. This past week I got in quite a few polishes I ordered, and am still waiting on quite a few more. Lets take a look shall we?

Picture heavy, click the read more!


Orly Melt Your Popsicle

I am in love with this polish! Tomorrow is the last day of work for the summer, a short 3 hours of cleaning, so I get to wear polish. So I took this as an invitation to wear the brightest color I have of course :). I just got this in the mail this week, and actually ave a nail mail post all ready to go, but I just had to post this first it is so amazing. I used 2 coats of Wet N Wild French White Creme and then 3 coats of Melt Your Popsicle. Even after the first coat I could tell this would be bright. And it just got better as I went. Formula was good, no real issues with application. Because we are going to be cleaning tomorrow I don't expect this to make it out in tact so I wasn't quite as careful as I could have been so you might see a couple spots where its kinda patchy, that is from the white. It could have probably used a third coat but oh well. The first pic is taken outside with slight sun peeking out from the clouds and the second I wanted to use a white backdrop to try to show the full neon-ness off. If you like neons, you need to have this one in your collection!

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Zoya Sooki

Anyone else excited for True Blood to return tomorrow night? I won't be able to watch it until Monday night which sucks, but comes with living overseas. In honor of its return, I chose Zoya Sooki for this weekend. I don't really wear a lot of red, though I do love a lot of the red polish colors out there. This one is great. Went on easily in two coats with Zoyas usual wonderful formula. I'm glad I actually got outside first thing this morning to take these pictures, because the sun is gone now behind dark clouds. At least this morning the clouds were lighter so there was more natural light lol. Both are taken outside in natural indirect light with the sun hidden behind clouds.

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Zoya/Birchbox Blogger Trio & Giveaway!

Today I finally received my Zoya/Birchbox Blogger Trio in the mail! I don't know what it is about Zoya products taking forever to get here, but they are always worth the wait. I am very impressed by both the formula of these polishes, and the colors as well. I have to apologize in advance for the pictures, I was so excited to get these that I immediately swatched them when I got home so I could do this post, and it is crappy and rainy out. Pics are taken indoors with crappy lighting and so don't look nearly as pretty as they do irl and they all look really close to the same color which isn't at all true. Also I have been in the dish room all week so my hands pay the price, even though I have been using Lemony Flutter and Helping Hands by Lush all week. Good news is that Wednesday is our last serve day, and Thursday is only a 3 hour day of cleaning then I'm done for the summer! I should hopefully be posting a lot more after that when I am able to wear polish everyday. This is also the first time I have done swatches of a collection, so lets get to it!

First up I have Coraline. Its described as a warm juicy tangerine. I love it, this is 4 coats, but very thin coats so if you do thicker ones it would probably be 3:

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The Spooky Bones Company Sardo

Today I have for you a polish from The Spooky Bones Company on Etsy, Sardo, part of their Are You Afraid of the Dark series. One of my favorite TV shows, as soon as I saw polish based on it I bought them all! Sardo was a little harder to get because my bottle had arrived busted, but was quickly replaced. Great customer service. I am going to use the shops description for this because I love it:

Sardo (No Mister accent on the doe) is an eccentric purple glitter inspired by the classically creepy Are You Afraid of the Dark character. A terrible magician and an even worse shop owner, Sardo is wonderfully weird and so is this color. A rich purple with fuchsia undertones, this color has multi color bar and hexagon glitters as well a rainbow of micro and extra fine glitters, plus purple and blue hearts.

I did have to shake this quite a bit to get all the glitters mixed in properly since it sat for a good couple months, but once mixed it was great. Went on easy, I used 3 thin coats the night before I took these pics and it was opaque, then in the morning I decided I wanted a little more glitter so I added one more. Sadly I was only able to get one heart out of the bottle, but even without the hearts I love it. Beautiful color and the glitters look great! Both pictures are taken indoors, crappy weekend again here, the first under indoor lighting and the second with as much natural light as I could get to show the heart on my thumb.

You can visit The Spooky Bones Company at their Etsy shop, there are lots of pretty polishes available right now!


Nubar Honeysuckle

Today I have the second mani I did last weekend that I just realized was still on my camera when I went to post this weekends mani! That will have to wait for a day or so now. I decided (with some help) to use a Nubar for the first time, and we settled on Honeysuckle. I am very impressed by Nubar so far. Formula was wonderful and I only needed 2 coats. Next time if I'm more careful I might even be able to do 1 coat! Pink is probably only number 5 on my list of favorite polish shades, but this pink is amazing. So bright and cheery, perfect for sunny summer days. The first picture is in the shade, the second in the sun.