A England Guinevere

Happy Friday! I'm so glad I had today off. Now just another 4 work days and then Spring Break! Today I have another A England polish, Guinevere. At first I didn't really want this polish. I thought I had seen swatches of it where it looked like a pinky color, and apparently I can't read either to see the description on A Englands site calling it a dusty mauve! On a whim I decided to buy it when I placed my ninjapolish.com order, and I'm so glad I did! I LOVE this color, I think it might be my favorite purple color I own that I've worn so far. It went on really well, was almost perfect after 2 coats but I did a third thin coat to fill in a couple small patchy spots.

First picture is in the shade and the second is in the sun. I also have to apologize for mu cuticles, they don't look that bad in person but work is really taking its toll on them :(


Nail mail and recent purchases

Within the last week I have received my shipments from Spooky Bones, Dollish Polish (both from Etsy), and Ninja Polish. I was going to wait to post this until I got my Zoya order as well, but it can take a while to get stuff from them for some reason. Of course now it will be here tomorrow since I'm posting! I also bought a couple polishes recently while out shopping to show you. I have a 3 day weekend this week, so hopefully I can wear at least 2 of these colors in that time. Hope the sun stays out!

There will be lots of pictures so they are after the cut!


China Glaze Riveting

Since The Hunger Games was released this weekend, it was the perfect time to use one of the collection polishes I have. I chose Riveting because it was the one I looked forward to most. Even though I won't be seeing the movie until April 6th (booo!) I still wanted to use this. Hope everyone who has seen it loved it, I've heard nothing but good things!

I absolutely love this color! It is an amazing orange with so much glittery sparkles that it looks like it glows! So very glad I have this color, and I'm sure I will be wearing it a lot! I used 2 coats, though it was almost perfect in 1. Formula was good, it went on easy.

Inside direct light


Direct sun

Direct sun


A England Dragon

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today I have a color I have been waiting to wear, but made myself wait for this weekend. A England Dragon is a beautiful green holo. I love this polish so much, the color is amazing and the name just makes it that much better. I love dragons, so I'm glad this polish does not disappoint! This isn't a holo with a rainbow of colors that shows up (at least not very strongly), its mostly a golden holo, which makes it look like dragon scales to me which I love. Formula was wonderful, I used 2 coats but if I was a bit more careful it could have been 1.

This may not be as creative as some of the St. Patty's Day manicures I've seen with the leprechauns and rainbows and pots of gold and clovers, but I could never paint anything like that. Sadly today is a typical English day and it was cloudy and rainy so these pictures are inside with flash since even the little bit of natural light I did get wasn't enough to show ANY holo. Maybe the rainbow holo effect shows up more in the direct sun, but I will have to wait to find out.


Nail mail!!!

I just love getting mail, and its even better when its polish! Thanks to one of my best friends I received today the OPI Holland collection and China Glaze Hunger Games collection colors I wanted! Living in England means I don't have easy access to new collections in a timely manor (we just got the OPI Nicki Minaj collection, and Holland won't be in til next month most likely) or easy access to most brands. The salon nearest me only stocks OPI, I can get Sally Hanson, Wet N Wild and Rimmel (but not the newest stuff til way after release) at the nearest store, but its a bit of a drive to get to anywhere else that sells polish. So I rely on internet ordering and 2 very kind friends to let me ship to them or buy it for me and then ship it on.

I can't wait to try these all out. I'm a huge Hunger Games fan and can't wait to see the movie. I will be wearing one of these colors when i go, probably Riveting because its the one I wanted most!

Click below to see what I got today!


OPI Did It On 'Em

Today I have Did It On 'Em from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. When I first saw the release for this collection, I disliked this color. When they finally got the collection in at the salon here (last week) I bought the mini set of 4 of the colors. After I got home I put each color on a nail to check them out, and was surprised by how much more I liked this once it was on. And I loved the other 3 as well, so much so that I went back to the salon the next day and bought full size bottles of the 4 mini colors I had, plus the black glitter one. While this isn't my favorite of the collection, it looks way better in person on the nail than I thought it would. I used 4 coats on this because it did weird things at the ends of my nails, and still didn't look perfect, but top coat helped a lot to even it out. I think that may be because even though I'm holding the full size bottle in the picture, I used the mini bottle to paint which was a little awkward. I took the photo inside in direct light, and of all the pictures I took this is the only one I feel looks like the true color. Every other pic made it look either too yellow or too green. I'm glad I got at least one good picture.


Hits Demeter

I had today off, so I was able to paint my nails last night instead of having to wait til tonight. I chose Hits Demeter after looking at my stash then randomly picking it up. I love this color. Yellow and orange aren't my favorite colors, but orange polish seems to be the exception. Especially one this pretty with the holo! I used 3 coats, but the formula was great. As with Ares when I used it, not too much cleanup needed. I did get a bit of shrinkage from my top coat, more noticeable on my index finger, that didn't seem to happen before. The sun decided to hide all day, so the pic is inside with flash. It was the only way to get ANY of the holo to show up. I'm not sure how much longer I will wear this, having a 3 day weekend means I'm itching to wear another color while I have the chance!


A England Galahad

This was the first of my A England polishes to come in, and I couldn't wait to try it. But then the rest of my order came in and I couldn't decide between the 8 I ordered! I finally used the highly scientific method of narrowing it down to 4 (which was hard!), shuffling the bottles up with my eyes closed and using eeny, meeny, miny, moe to choose. Galahad won. I am really impressed with this brand already. I used 2 coats and it was perfect. I love the color, I have so many blues but I can't ever get enough of all the different shades! I should be taking this off tonight for work tomorrow, but since it has recently started snowing I'm foolishly hoping school is cancelled tomorrow.

Here is Galahad in direct sun: