HITS Poseidon

Happy Memorial Day weekend! The sun has been shining here so I decided to take advantage of it and wear a holo I haven't worn yet! I chose HITS Poseidon, a pretty light ice blue kind of color. Formula was just as good as the other HITS holos I've used, but since its a lighter color I used between 3 and 4 coats for some nails to get better color. I did do this at night, and sleeping before I got to take pics kind of messed it up a little. I think since I still have Sunday and Monday off I might change this out after I clean house, I have so many colors I haven't worn that I'm dying to! Only 13 more work days til I am off for the summer and can wear polish everyday! I'm excited :)

The first picture is in the shade so you can see the pretty color, the other two are in the sun to show the holo!


Whimsical Ideas by Pam Seuss

Last weekend I wore one of the new Whimsical Ideas by Pam polishes I got. I knew I had to wear Seuss first since it was the polish I saw on another blog (I forget which one now, oops) that originally lead me to her. I loved this polish, such a great blue and the glitter is awesome! It went on wonderfully, I used only 2 coats.

As a side note, I do have to say I think I might have to break up with Seche Vite :(. I don't know what I am doing wrong, bu every time I use it as a top coat I get tip shrinkage. I've tried different things and with different polish brands and it happens every time. I thought before I might be waiting too long to put it on since I would do one hand and then use it, so this time I did one finger at a time. After the second coat of Seuss on each finger I put on Seche and it still happened. I've tried it by doing one hand then using it, doing both then using it, and now this. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I just about give up. I love how fast it dries the polish and how shiny it makes it, but hate the shrinkage. If anyone has any tips/ideas I'm all ears!

Now back to the polish. As I said I used 2 coats and I was happy with how it covered. I was worried I would need more coats and thought about layering it but I'm glad I didn't. The formula is fantastic, it went on super easy with no fishing for glitter! I couldn't be happier with this polish, and can't wait to try the other I bought and buy more!

The first 2 pics are direct sun on a somewhat cloudy day, the third is in the shade.

Also, I finally got in my Zoya Beach and Surf colors I ordered! They are sooo pretty, I can't wait to wear them all! The weather got really nice today, going from teh low 50s yesterday to the mid 70s today, so I took advantage and wore my flip flops out to show off my green Orly Fresh toes :) Its only supposed to last a couple days though, boo :( Here are the colors I ordered!

Carly, Rory, Kimber, Zuza, Wednesday, Myrta, Arizona


Catch up post including Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon

So I have been busy and haven't gotten around to posting my purchases and nail mail or last weekends mani. So I decided while I have a few minutes before work to just put it all in one post! I hope any mothers reading had a wonderful Mothers Day, I was pretty spoiled :)

I'm putting this all under a cut so click here!


Another giveaway!

The lovely blog A Polish Addict is having a 650 followers giveaway! It is open internationally, so for some great prizes, go check her out! Click here Check out the prizes you can win:

Picture credit to apolishaddict
Good luck to all who enter!


Zoya Paz

This weekend I chose to wear Zoya Paz, one of the first Zoyas I bought but hadn't worn. I love this color, but couldn't get even half of its neonness to show up on camera. We still have no sunlight to speak of, and the indoor lighting makes the color look great, but just not neon. I'm definitely going to wear this one again this summer (probably a lot) and will try again with pictures. It is super bright in real life, much more neon than I thought it would be. I did this late at night and though it was dry when I went to bed, I woke up with dents all over. Glad I took pics right after it was done! This is between 3-4 coats, a couple nails needed a little extra, with Zoyas base and top coat.


Butter London Victoriana

And now for the mani from last weekend! I chose Butter Londons Victoriana, a really pretty shimmery blue. I wasn't quite impressed with the formula after hearing so much about people loving Butter London. It went on fine, was a little thick and gloopy though. I used 3 coats, and had an issue with it kind of pooling at the tips on a couple nails and not quite covering the very edge as you can see. I'm not sure if its the polishes fault, my fault for sucking at actually applying polish or if it was a matter of the nail being short that caused it. I really liked the color, but I actually I think I liked it in the bottle better, and in other peoples swatches. It just looked slightly off to me on the nail, not really sure why. The shimmer was pretty noticeable which is always good. I'm pretty sure this was taken inside since I haven't seen much of the sun in over 2 weeks!

Nail Mail and purchases!

Today I have one quick post to show the new polishes I have gotten in the last week, and a little later I will have the mani I had for last weekend. Got kind of busy and didn't have a chance to post these!

First up, I finally got my Zoya order from when they did there buy 3 get 3 free offer. It takes forever for me to receive Zoya packages for some reason, I have a few of the Beach & Surf collection on its way to me that are due sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Areej, Kieko, Mira, Yasmeen, Jem, Yara
Then I have some purchases I made here as new colors are finally coming in:

Hidden Treasure (rerelease version), Good to Grape

Wedding Crasher, Princess Cut, Red Velvet, Must-Have Iris, Save the Date
Passionate Pink, Marmalade, Coastal Surf, Rich Raspberry