Giveaway winner!

The giveaway has ended! My winner has been chosen and emailed! If your name is Lisa, you just might be the winner! Check those emails and thanks to everyone who participated and entered!




Hello! Remember I said I had something cool coming up? Well here it is, an indie and blogger mega giveaway! The lovely Nina of Model City Polish has organized this giveaway that I have sponsered a prize for. My prize is a $20 Llarowe gift certificate so anyone is able to win in any country the she ships to. Good luck to everyone, follow the link below to Ninas blog to see the giveaway details and for your chance to enter! If I can figure out how to get the rafflecopter widget put up here from my iPad I will do so. But for now head on over to enter, and check out her blog while you're there!


KB Shimmer - Rollin' With the Chromies

Long time no post! I hope everyone is doing well, Im on vacation in Florida right now. We are staying with my parents, Ive missed it here so much! Sadly we go home Saturday, but I am going to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts.

Today I have for you KB Shimmers Rollin' With the Chromies. I couldnt decide if I was going to actually post these pictures. Im not entirely happy with the quality of the second, but it does show off the color shift pretty good. Ive been sitting on these for almost 2 weeks before finally deciding to post. Rollin' With the Chromies (love the name btw) is a holo multichrome. It changes from cyan, to blue, to a gold most as far as I can see, but there is more in the right light and angle. It really is an awesome polish. I used 3 coats with top coat and it was super easy to apply.

First picture is with flash to show the awesome holo, the second is to show the color shift. I could only get my iPad to show the shift if I took the pic in lower light, so sorry for my hand color and the not so clear pic! You can see at least 3 colors to the shift though, which is why I finally decided to post.

I really love this color, the whole time I wore it I couldnt stop looking at it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving that celebrates, and stay tuned, I have something cool coming up after!


Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Halloween to everyone! Hope the weather was good for trick-or-treating for everyone. We had fun, and here's my little Draculara:


Dollish Polish Walker Bait

Happy Saturday! Today I have a quick post for you. The Walking Dead returns tomorrow night, so I decided to wear Dollish Polish Walker Bait for the occasion. This limited edition color is an awesome green holo, and its the sort of green that looks a lot like the sickly green color of dirty zombies, but with holo! It is such an interesting and beautiful color, that I would have loved it even without the holo, but holo makes everything better! I used 2 coats that went on easily, in usual Dollish fashion, and 1 coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast. I love this color. Since its almost 9:30pm, this was taken under inside lighting with my husband holding my cell phone flashlight to bring out the holo better. I wanted to share this awesome color though!

Anyone else watching Walking Dead tomorrow night?


Rainbow Honey - The Final Battle review

Hello! Today I have for you 3 of the new Rainbow Honey The Final Battle collection. This collection is based on one of the best video games ever made, Final Fantasy VII. I absolutely love this game, I remember being a senior in high school when it was released (shush Im not THAT old lol), playing this game constantly with my boyfriend (now husband). We spent hours in my room playing, trying to make sure we found everything. I was provided Diamond Weapon, Tera Flare and Cetra for review, so lets see what I think of them!

First up is Cetra, from part 1 of the collection, The Battle. Cetra is a sheer pink with lots of shimmer. This was a little sheer on its own, so I layered it over 2 coats of Nubar Pink Lily. I used 2 coats, and it went on beautifully. Its a very pretty color.

Next up from part 2, The Summons, I have Tera Flare. Tera Flare is a blackened base, that has holographic teal, blue and silver glitters, with a violet flash. I used 3 coats, and it went on well without the glitter clumping or dragging.

And finally I have Diamond Weapon from part 3, The Weapons. Diamond Weapon is a charcoal gray with silver and gold shimmer. I used 3 coats of this as well.

All photos are taken in direct sunlight with top coat. This is the first time I have used my iPad Mini to take pictures and to post, so I hope everything works right! 

I love these polishes, and in true Rainbow Honey fashion they all apply wonderfully. I can not fully express in words how excited I am by this collection. Final Fantasy VII is still one of my all time favorite games, and I still play it. I cant wait to be able to purchase the whole collection!

So when can you buy it? The Final Battle will be released on Rainbow Honeys website: www.rainbowhoney.com on Friday October 11, 2013. 

Products were provided for review, but all opinions are my own


Life update

Hello all! So it seems that with moving and living with my inlaws temporarily (which has turned out to be longer than hoped for) I havent been able to post as much as I had hoped! I am still around, and I will try to post when I can, but I have no idea how often that might be. I do have some new polish on its way to me, so hopefully I will be able to figure out how to post with pictures from my new iPad mini I got for my birthday. This is a test post in a way to see how well it works!


New Shop Opening - Anne Kathleen

Happy Friday! Its been a while but I am back, all moved (for now) and I bring to you a brand new indie shop! Anne Kathleen is new, and is having her opening on September 15th. I have for you 2 polishes from her opening collection that were sent for review. You will also find jewelry sold in her store. All buying info and social links will be listed at the bottom of the post.

The first Anne Kathleen collection is called Blossoms, and is inspired by various flowers. I have Rose and Linnea for you today. First up is Rose, a light mauve with medium pink glitters. I used 3 coats and 1 coat of Wicked Fast for the pictures. Rose starts out sheer on the first coat, so this gives you possibilities for layering if you want to do that, but for full opacity I used 3. Formula was great, went on easily with no troubles with the glitter. Both photos shown in full sun.

Linnea is a sheer, light pink shimmer with pink hearts an teal glitters. This one is beautiful! I used 2 coats of Cult Nails Riot, with 2 coats of Linnea over that with Wicked Fast on top. The formulas again was great, went on easily, though the heart glitters didn't come out quite as easily. But all I had to do was tip the bottle upside down for a few seconds and they came right out. Both photos are again in the sun.

I really like both of these polishes, and I look forward to seeing more from Anne Kathleen! Below is listed all social info and places to order.


*products were provided free for review, all opinions are honest and my own*


Model City Wear With Caution

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I've come down with a bit of a cold but otherwise just busy with last minute things before we move out of our house Thursday. I had planned on being able to clear out my unposted swatches folder, but after looking at all the pictures I deleted everything. I wasn't happy with my crappy short nails or the picture quality, so I only have a few pictures I am happy with so I will have to work on redoing everything else in between swatching anything new I come across. So for now, it will be the few things I do have and then whatever I wear or get new for the next few months until we get settled into our new house and I have all my babies back! Being the polish addict I am though, I already have a dozen or so polishes waiting for me at my inlaws, and am planning on taking with me in my suitcase as many as I can and mailing as many as I can ahead of time, so I wont be without polish!

Today though I have a color that is absolutely stunning! I love this one so much I have worn it twice, plus as a pedicure, even though I have hundreds of untrieds! It is Model City Wear With Caution, and it is the prettiest purple color with the most amazing holo! You may remember that I have said holo is my favorite finish, well this is my favorite holo I have at this moment. Purple is my favorite color, so give me an awesome purple holo and I'm set! This is 3 coats, with Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat (my favorite quick dry top coat) which you can see does not dull the holo at all. It went on great, formula was nice and smooth. If I didn't have my CNS with the french tip, I think 2 coats would have been enough for complete opacity. The white on these is very white and harder to cover. Model City makes wonderful polish, everything I have is very consistent in formula.

On to the pics! The top picture was taken outside in bright direct sunlight, and the bottom picture was taken inside in my laundry room with no direct light, just what came in through the window. Amazing holo even in normal lighting!

I hope you can see why I love this polish so much. It is definitely one going with me in my suitcase! What do you think? Do you love holo as much as I do?


A England Briarwood

Today I have a polish I wore a couple weeks ago and just loved. I was supposed to be doing some swatching, but I just couldn't bare to take this one off quite yet so the swatching was put on hold for a couple days, but has since been done, just not posted yet. That post will be up in a few days hopefully! Anyway, here is A England Briarwood, it is so pretty! I just love every single A England polish, they never fail to disappoint in formula. This went on easily in 2 coats, but 1 was almost enough, like with most A England. I tend to do 2 coats no matter what out of habit though. Here is the beauty that is Briarwood!


Dollish Polish Cold Winds Are Rising

Happy Friday!! I haven't posted lately, I was busy swatching all 1214 polishes I have on to nail wheels! We lost power one day, and I started swatching and then just decided to finish everything up. Its a relief to be done, as long as I dont think about the fact that waiting for me at my inlaws place when we get there in 3 weeks are about 20 more, and my birthday is next month which is also my month in my birthday group! lol. The wheels sure do look pretty :). I would love to have those swatch sticks though to do it all over again and be easier to compare colors. Anyway, as I mentioned, it is exactly 3 weeks from today that we get on a plane to move, leaving England behind. I am going to try to post more often, but it will most likely be older swatches I have stored, so don't mind the differing lenghts of my nails :).

Today I am going to show you Cold Winds Are Rising by Dollish Polish. I really love this color, its a very nice shade of gray with blue and teal glitters. Its based off of Game of Thrones, and I absolutely love that show! This is 3 coats which went on easily. The formula is just right, easy to apply and glitters distribute nicely.

 Enjoy the weekend!


Pretty & Polished Butterfly Garden

Happy Thursday! Hope everyones week has been going well. Today I have for you Pretty & Polished Butterfly Garden, one of their new color changing polishes, that was sent for review. I have never had a color changing polish before, so this was new to me and really fun! Click the read more to see pics.


Nerd Challenge - Technology

Happy Sunday! Today I have the Nerd Challenge, based on technology. I have been having major internet issues this last week or two, so I had to skip last weeks challenge. On top of that, we are moving back to the states at the end of August, so we are pretty busy getting ready for that. I am going to still try to post when I can, I have a bunch of stuff already saved to get through, so you might be seeing some very old swatches mixed with some newer stuff. But on to todays challenge!

For this, I went with a computer programing theme, and this shows you the extent of my freehand skills! I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and then drew on using my KISS nail art pen in black.

Check out what everyone else cam up with!


Nerd challenge - Science Fiction

I'm a little late in posting this one, had a busy weekend. Spent all day Saturday in London and had to catch up on chores Sunday. We are starting our long to do list for moving, I can't wait til its over! This weeks theme is Science Fiction. I had no ideas at all, and kept flipping through my plates. Then I came up with an admittedly lame idea. Lets see it shall we?

I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black with Sugar Bubbles plate 006. My idea was the movie 'The Fly', like I said, lame lol. But I had no other ideas so there you have it.

What did everyone else do this week?


4th of July NOTD

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. I just thought I would share my mani for the occasion. Its 3 coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff and 2 coats of Different Dimension 1776.


Nerd Challenge - Space

Happy Friday! Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? My husband and daughter are going to see Monsters University tomorrow, but I can't go cause its only showing in 3D and it gives me a migraine :(. It sucks but oh well.

 Today I have for you the next Nerd Challenge, Space! Now, I suck at nail art, so almost everything you will see will be what I can come up with from my stamping plates or can be done with my very very limited skills. I had a lot of different ideas for this one, but each idea will be covered in their own individual day later in the challenge. So, what I came up with is the moon and stars. I used the beautiful Dollish Polish Space, the Final Frontier - HYPERDRIVE as my base, 2 coats, and I will review this soon. Over it I stamped Essie No Place Like Chrome using plate HD07 from Bunny Nails.

Check out what the other ladies came up with!


Nerd Challange

Happy Wednesday! Today I have for you the first of a new challenge I am going to attempt, the Llama Nails Nerd Challenge! It started on Friday, so I'm posting a tad late, but I hope to be able to stay on time and post every Friday from now on. Here is what this challenge is:

So as you can see this week is inspired by math. I decided to attempt stamping again, so this is what I came up with! I used 3 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the base, and stamped using Sinful Colors Black on Black with BM 311 and used KISS nail art pen in black.

I'm getting a little better at stamping, but I still need practice! The stamping looked better in person and before I topcoated though. Check out below to see what everyone else did!



So I decided to give bloglovin a try and see how I it goes. So far I really like it. It was super easy to import all the blogs that I follow via GFC, including some I forgot to bookmark, and then couldn't find again! Yes, I was old school and organized all my blogs in my bookmarks and read them that way. But bloglovin makes it easy to follow and read almost any blog all in one place! I like that I can divide them into different groups based on different subject. You can even find new blogs to follow.

So, if you are already following me via GFC, go on and follow me over there via the link below or by clicking on the counter on the sidebar! I don't think you will regret using bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin



If you ask my friends, one in particular (Hi S! lol) you will find I am an enabler when it comes to buying polish. Just today I 'forced' S to buy 8 polishes just by letting her know of a sale. But thats what friends are for right?

Well for all of you reading this, I have a sale to tell you about that you won't want to miss! Pretty & Polished is moving locations, and has lots of inventory that they would rather ship out than have to pack up and move. So what do they do? Have a moving sale and reduce prices to almost wholesale price on most everything left in stock! Good chance to get your hands on anything you have been wanting at amazing prices.

To buy Pretty & Polished visit their store HERE
and keep up to date on the latest info by liking their FB and following on instagram or twitter

Happy shopping!


Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X review

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Today is the first day that it really felt real to be off work for the summer, it was good! Just hope the weather decided to figure out its summer soon.

Today I have for you 3 of the new Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X collection. This colection is based on the 1995 SNES game Earthbound and this is what Dee herself has to say about it:

"Another video game that holds a special place in my heart! I wanted this collection to bring me back into the game, and I think each new lacquer takes me to a special moment or reminds me of a certain boss that resulted in one too many Game Over's... Part I is made up of 5 new glitterbombs bursting with shimmer and color - they all layer to opacity but can be used over other colors as well. Part II is 3 new shimmer-dusted cremes and 2 new glitter toppers that give each creme a bold or sweet look. I am so excited to add these all to our lineup!" – Dee

 I was sent 3 colors to review at random, and received Pink Cloud, Tiny Ruby and Lumine Hall, three of the Part 1 glitters. They are all stunning! Lets see them shall we?


Winner announced!

The Model City Holobration giveaway has come to an end, thank you for all who entered! The winner is: Saldana S, and has already been emailed! Congratulations! You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Happy 1 year Anniversay to Model City Polish, heres to many more!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Rainbow Honey FAB Summer Set

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am so excited to be thisclose to being done with work! Bring on the summer :)

Today I have for you the Rainbow Honey FAB Summer Set, so lets see some pictures!


Pretty & Polished reviews

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday! I took my Daisy troop to the zoo for our end of the year trip today and it was lots of fun. Got to feed a giraffe and an elephant! But man I'm tired now lol. Only 3 1/2 more days of school/work left as well, I can't wait.

Today I have for you some Pretty & Polished colors. The Sweet Sixteen Collection is a trio of limited edition colors. I was given the opportunity to purchase these colors before the official launch, which was yesterday! I also have two colors that were included in my package in mini size for review as well of Miss Independent and Wax On top coat. Click the link for pictures and reviews!


Model City review

Is everyone having a good weekend? Mine has been pretty lazy, which is always good! I have 8 1/2 days left of work and then school's out for the summer!! I'm so excited. Especially since my CNS nails should be here tomorrow, then I just have to wait until next Thursday and I can put them on :).

Today I have for you a review of 3 Model City polishes. When Nina sent out the package with the giveaway polishes, she also included these three for review. I am wearing the impress stick on nails again, but with my CNS almost here I plan on doing lots of swatching with them!

On to the pictures!


Model City Holobration!

Today is a special day for Nina of Model City Polish, its her one year anniversary! To celebrate this occasion, Nina has created a VERY limited edition polish and has asked a few bloggers to take part in the party. The polish she has created is called Holobration! and its a beauty! There are a total of 14 bottles of this polish. But not only did she create this polish to celebrate, but has also generously offered up a bottle to my readers for a giveaway! Here is a sneak peek at the prize one lucky winner will receive, click the read more to see more pictures and to enter to win.


Giveaway winner!

The giveaway has ended, and the lovely Ariel of Lacquer is the Best Medicine has verified all entries and selected the winners! Congratulations to all the winners, and my winner is Mandy P! I have already emailed Mandy, and she will have her choice of a Llarowe or Ninja Polish gift certificate for $30. Thank you to all who entered, all the bloggers and indie makers who joined together to make this giveaway successful, and especial to Ariel for setting the whole thing up! If you haven't already, check out her blog and give her a little thank you for all her hard work organizing this and bringing the chance to everyone to win some awesome prizes. I loved taking part.


My first guest post!

I did my first ever guest post for Gosia of Colorful Crack while she went off and did a little thing like climbing Mount Everest! How cool is that?? I am in awe of anyone who can do something like that. The post actually was posted yesterday but with celebrating Memorial Day I am just now getting a chance to post and let you all know about it. Head on over to her blog and check out my guest post HERE and while you are there go to her coming home post and see the amazing picture from the top of the world! I hope you like my first guest post, I was really nervous about it!


Lac Attack Spring Fling collection

Hello, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Its been fairly nice here and that is always good. Today I have for you 4 of the 6 Lac Attack Spring Fling collection. I was sent these for review, and was sent all 6 but unfortunately 2 of them were smashed on arrival. It looked as if it was dropped and either stepped on or got rolled over with something the bottles were so smashed up. So sad to see such pretty polish in that state :(. But I still have 4 pretties to show you!

I also have a disclaimer to add as well, these are not my real nails. I have ordered myself a set of Custom Nail Solution nails, and to do the impressions I had to cut and file my nails to a shorter length then usual, and then I had 2 on my swatch hand break :(. So my nails are in no shape to be seen, especially since these are review polishes, I bought a set of plastic press on nails to wear for the weekend to do these swatches. I'm loving the length of these, and since there is a 3 day weekend this weekend coming up, I just might do this again. My impressions have been sent back so now I am just waiting for them to be made and sent back to me, and then as soon as school is over on June 13th I can start wearing them!

Anyway, on to the swatches!


Huge giveaway!!

I am very excited to bring to you a HUGE multi blogger/indie polish maker giveaway I am taking part in! There are some amazing prizes and people taking part in this, I am very honored to be included!

My prize for this giveaway is a $30 gift certificate to the winners choice of either Llarowe or Ninja Polish, both of whom ship internationally so everyone is able to win the prize from me :)

Good luck to everyone, contest runs for 2 weeks ending on May 27th!

I'd also like to give a very special thank you to Ariel of  Lacquer: The Best Medicine for doing an amazing job of setting this all up!! She did a great job organizing everything, so go check out her blog and say thank you :)

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Yikes! Its been almost a month since my last post! I have been so busy with work, my daughters school stuff, girl scouts, and helping my husband since he is recovering from back surgery that I guess time got away from me more than I though! To make up for it I am going to show you one of my favorite Whimsies that I haven't posted yet!

I have to apologize since I don't think it is available anymore :(. But here is Whimsical Ideas by Pam's Saturday Morning Cartoons:

This is 4 coats alone, since its a jelly base next time I would layer it to save on polish since there is still VNL after the 4 coats, but application was the usual flawless Pam quality! I didn't have any trouble getting the glitters out, and they gave even disbursement on the nail. I love this one, its so cheery and happy! The base is a great royal blue with red, green,silver and blue hex glitters with tiny blue glitters. If this one ever does become available again, make sure to get it, its beautiful!!


Aly's Dream Polish

I love holos. I think I might have mentioned that before. Its my favorite kind of polish. So when I first heard that there was a new store opening up that had holos in ALL THE COLORS! I was super excited! I knew I had to have some. The problem was choosing which ones! After much deliberation, I finally settled on these 6, and I couldn't be happier. Click the link to see the pictures!


Franken Femme

Today I have for you a polish created by Becca at Franken Femme. Ever wanted to make your own polishes but didn't know where to start? Her blog is a great spot to go to see how to create your own polishes! Check it out, she makes some beautiful creations. Here is the polish she created for me for review.

This is an orange base with pink and yellow squares and hexes. The formula is great and application was easy. I used 3 coats with top coat (which caused a bit of shrinkage, sorry about that!) and it looked even better in person! The glitters seemed to want to fade to the background in every picture, but they were definitely more stand out in person. I love this combo of colors, I never would have thought that pink would go so well with orange and yellow!

If you want to see more, be sure to check out her blog! Franken Femme Oh, and be sure to check out Poseidon while you are there, its amazing!


Giveaway winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway to help me celebrate one year of blogging! The winner has been chosen and it is Stephanie G.! I will be emailing you and you have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Congratulations!

I'm also pleased to have reached 100 followers, so thank you to everyone for that as well!

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

One of my favorite shows as a kid, back when Nick was the best channel there was! I would watch with both my younger brother and my mom every Saturday during SNick, anyone else remember this? It was my favorite block of tv, even ahead of TGIF. ANd now that I have shown how old I am, lol, lets get on to the polish for today! I have a duo from The Spooky Bones Company based on the show. They are The Dream Girl and The Prom Queen.

The Dream Girl is a dark base with a color shift of pink and purple. I used 2 coats and it went on easy, no problems at all. The color shift was more apparent in person, it just wouldn't cooperate with getting a lot of it to show up on camera.

Base color

Some slight pink color shift
Over this I layered 1 coat of the companion polish, The Prom Queen. Its a sheer pink base with bar and holo glitters, and some red hearts, which I wasn't able to get on the nail when I did this, but have since used it on my daughter and the hearts came out fine. I must have just been having an off day or something.

I really love all of the AYAotD? collection, and will be showing the rest of them in the next few posts. I don't know why it is taking me so long to post these since if you remember my year end wrap up they were the first indies I bought! I do wish I had these all in full size, I was only able to get minis of most of what I have at the time.

You can find The Spooky Bone company on Etsy here


Giveaway time!

Back on Feb 25th was my one year blogiversary! I have been busy and now I'm not feeling well, so this didn't get posted then like I wanted it to. But here it is now, better late than never!

Click the link below to see what polishes are up for grabs for one lucky winner!


Lac Attack Magical Musings Collection, part 1

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and those that had yesterday off enjoyed it as well. I spent the day at the Harry Potter Studio tour, so it was a pretty amazing day for me! I loved it, and would gladly go back to see it all again. I had this big plan to start posting this collection one polish each day ending yesterday with what I wore, but I completely failed at that lol. So instead I will post it now, but a couple of my pictures came out super horribly so I will redo those and post a part 2 soon! I do have 7 of the 10 for you today. Lets get started.


Undies post!

Don't let the title scare you, todays post is a spam of some of the undies I have used under glitters that never got posted. Some of these colors I probably wouldn't wear very often by themselves, but they work great as undies.

First up I have a classic black, Sally Hansen Black Out. This was 2 coats, went on easily and was almost a 1 coater for me. Black isn't a color I can pull off alone, but I loved this under Floam when I wore it!

Nubar Blue Hydrangea is one I have used a couple of times as a base. I used it over Shimmer Jennifer and the yet unposted Naild It Dragon Scales. This is 2 coats, easy application.

Another Nubar I like as undies is Earthen. In fact, the whole Spring Flowers collection (or whatever it was called) are some of my go tos for undies. I don't really like the nude look, so I wouldn't wear this alone, but I love it for undies. This was 2 coats, but almost another 1 coater, and I've worn this over the posted Enkelini Cottage Garden.

China Glaze Gothic Lolita is a great purple. This shows 2 coats, and this I would wear on its own. I love purple. I used this one under Once Upon a Polish Ursula, which is still unposted.

Last for today I have OPI Pink Friday. I like pink, but I'm not too sure if this is one I would wear alone. Might have to wear it again to really decide. I've used this one over the (again) yet unposted Naild It Summer Lovin Melon, and I loved it. I did have to use 3 coats for it, it was still a little streaky after 2.

So there you go, some undes I have worn swatching indies, helping to clear out my unposted folder!


Upcoming KB Shimmer collection!

KB Shimmer is getting ready to release their Spring 2013 collection, which features 9 new shades! It is set for release on Feb 15th, 2013. Lets take a look at the colors shall we?

 What does everyone think? I love them, especially the 4 pastel ones Spring Training, Where My Peeps At, Lottie Dottie and Iris My Case. They look so very Spring/Easter to me. The others are pretty as well, KB Shimmer did a great job with this new collection! I'm loving the new label design as well. So, any of these scream must buy to you?

KB Shimmer polish and other beauty products can be found at their shop HERE


Random swatch spam!

Today I have some random swatches that are just sitting in my unposted folder. So lets get right to it!

First up I have Models Own Pinky Brown. I have to admit, this is one of the better pictures I have ever taken of my nails. I'm still working against the lovely England weather with hardly no sun, so I don't think they ever come out that great in the indoor lighting. But for this one I managed to actually even get the color shift to show up! This is 2 coats.

Next up I have for you Butter London Artful Dodger. Since I am admitting things, I have to say with all the hype I heard about this brand before I owned any, I"m not that impressed with it. It's good polish, I just don't really see anything special about it, especially not enough to justify the more expensive price tag. I have 2, and those will probably be the only 2 I ever have. I do like this blue, its a great shade. This is 3 coats.

Next up, another brand that I heard a lot of hype over that didn't live up to it, Rescue Beauty Lounge. I have Aqua Lily, a beautiful color, but again the formula didn't live up to the hype for the price. I have 2 of these as well and will probably not buy any more of these either. I do love the color, this is 3 coats.

To end on a happier note, I have Hits Hera. Hits were my first ever holos, and I love them just as much now as I did when I first saw them. They started my love affair with all things holo! This is 2 coats of Hera, actually taken in the sun this past summer!

Kind of a bummer post today, what with 2 brands I was disappointed in, but you can't like everything! The colors are still great, and the formulas aren't bad, just not as impressive as they are made to seem. Or at least as impressive as it seemed to me they should be from the glowing praise I read before getting them.


indie spam

Happy Friday! Sorry for not posting, with going back to work I have had trouble getting my schedule back. So since I don't really have any kind of post planned I decided to write up a spam post of some indies I have swatched but not gotten around to posting. I have a folder of over 100 pictures of different swatches that I need to get to, so expect more posts like this!

Pictures behind the cut :)