Lac Attack Magical Musings Collection, part 1

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and those that had yesterday off enjoyed it as well. I spent the day at the Harry Potter Studio tour, so it was a pretty amazing day for me! I loved it, and would gladly go back to see it all again. I had this big plan to start posting this collection one polish each day ending yesterday with what I wore, but I completely failed at that lol. So instead I will post it now, but a couple of my pictures came out super horribly so I will redo those and post a part 2 soon! I do have 7 of the 10 for you today. Lets get started.

First I have Amortentia. The powerful love potion that smells different to everyone based on what attracts them. This is a pink shimmery base with silver and purple holo glitters. Super pretty, I did 4 coats of it on its own. I will probably layer this from now on though to save on coats.

Next I have Beauxbatons Academy, the French wizard school. This is a milky base with blue, white and yellow glitters. This is 4 coats as well, but seemed to cover slightly better than Amortentia. I will probably layer this one as well from here on out. I really like this one, the yellow glitter, though not as abundant as the rest, has just enough to give this polish that something extra.

Dementors Kiss is next, and possibly my favorite of the collection. I say possibly because I do love them all so its hard to decide! I have 2 other possible favorites, but unfortunately the other 2 are ones the pictures sucked for so they will have to wait. But back to Dementors Kiss, here I have 2 coats over 2 coats of Loreal Greycian Goddess. This is a clear base with 2 sizes of black hexes and red glitter. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like this combo, but I ended up loving it! So much so that this is what I chose to wear yesterday to the studio tour, the only difference is I used a matte top coat. Here are both versions.

Durmstrang is another wizarding school, located somewhere in the north where it is cold. This is a shimmery blue base with black diamond and shard glitter. This is 3 coats by itself.

The luck potion, Felix Felicis, is a tricky potion. If made wrong it has some strange side effects, and is toxic in large quantities. But if you are willing to try your luck (ha ha ha) this potion will make the drinker have good luck and succeed in whatever they attempt. It is a clear base with various size and shape gold glitters. I used 2 coats over 2 coats of China Glaze Fast Track.

Ah Hogwarts, the school almost everyone wants to attend! No matter what house you belong to (Slytherin here!) almost every student agrees that Hogwarts is the best. I forgive Draco for feeling Durmstrang is better because of the whole pureblood thing, because hes my favorite character. Hogwarts is a mix of silver, red, orange, green and blue glitters, to include a bit from every house. I used 2 coats of Hogwarts over 1 coat of Dollish Polish Goonies Never Say Die.

The last one I have for today is Holidays in Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is the only all wizard village in Britain. Students are allowed special trips to shop in the town for the holidays. This is a clear base with two different sizes of red and white glitters, and white matte hexes. I used 2 coats over 3 coats of Nubar Baby Sprout.

There you have the first 7 colors of this collection. I will try to reswatch the remaining 3 as soon as possible and get them posted. Also, I have something special coming up soon, I'm waiting on a package to arrive first! Keep an eye out here for what it is :)

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  1. I think holidays in hogsmeade is my favourite

  2. This collection is wonderful and not just because I like the book, lol


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