Lac Attack Spring Fling collection

Hello, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Its been fairly nice here and that is always good. Today I have for you 4 of the 6 Lac Attack Spring Fling collection. I was sent these for review, and was sent all 6 but unfortunately 2 of them were smashed on arrival. It looked as if it was dropped and either stepped on or got rolled over with something the bottles were so smashed up. So sad to see such pretty polish in that state :(. But I still have 4 pretties to show you!

I also have a disclaimer to add as well, these are not my real nails. I have ordered myself a set of Custom Nail Solution nails, and to do the impressions I had to cut and file my nails to a shorter length then usual, and then I had 2 on my swatch hand break :(. So my nails are in no shape to be seen, especially since these are review polishes, I bought a set of plastic press on nails to wear for the weekend to do these swatches. I'm loving the length of these, and since there is a 3 day weekend this weekend coming up, I just might do this again. My impressions have been sent back so now I am just waiting for them to be made and sent back to me, and then as soon as school is over on June 13th I can start wearing them!

Anyway, on to the swatches!

First up I have Bunny Poop (which the name cracked my daughter up!). It is a clear base with multiple sizes of yellow, pink, green and blue pastel matte glitters. I used 3 coats of OPI Can't Find My Czechbook and layered 2 coats of Bunny Poop over it. I really like this combo but it was a hard one to decide on! I tried 2 other polishes as bases before settling on this one, they were all so pretty under it. Formula was good, decent amount of glitter on the brush with each coat.

Next I have Garden Party. It is also a clear base, with pink and green metallic hex glitter. I layered 2 coats over 3 coats of China Glaze Life is Rosy, but really 1 coat was good. I think with 3 coats you could wear it on its own. There was tons of glitter on the brush, and the glitter spread out evenly with no troubles.

Puddle Jumping is a light gray creme with tiny indigo and blue flakes with a purple/blue shimmer. I love this one, it is so pretty! I think its my favorite of the 4 I got. I used 3 coats on its own, but I think it was good at 2 but I wanted to be sure. Its inspired by rain showers and I think that is accomplished!

Lastly I have Spring Fling, a bright blue base with small neon green glitter, inspired by the blue skies of spring and the new growth of plants. I used 4 coats of this, and 3 might have been ok, but again to be sure I did 4. I will probably layer this next time to cut down on the coats, but it is very pretty! It went on easily, but I think with as many layers that made the glitter want to clump up a little bit, but it evened itself out by the end fairly well.

There you have the Spring Fling collection from Lac Attack! When she restocks these I plan on trying to get the 2 that broke to complete the collection. You can purchase Lac Attack from their site HERE.

*Polishes in this post were provided for review, but all opinions are mine and are not influenced in any way*

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