Rainbow Honey Lovebug

Well hello there! Its been a minute hasn't it. Sometimes I just can not get into the swing of actually getting posts up. I've been doing my nails and (sometimes) taking pictures, but my laptop had a bit of an issue for a while where it was overheating and shutting off whenever it felt like it. So we tried to use it as little as possible, until we got an external fan for it. We have had good luck so far with it, its been a couple weeks, so I am going to try to venture back into this blogging thing. Clearly I can make no promises though lol.

Today Im going to keep it fairly short, I have Rainbow Honeys Lovebug that I wore a while ago to show you. Lovebug is a milky white base with pink flowers & blue hearts, with some iridescent glitters and shimmers. I used 3 coats plus top coat. Very pretty delicate color!

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