Dollish Polish Cold Winds Are Rising

Happy Friday!! I haven't posted lately, I was busy swatching all 1214 polishes I have on to nail wheels! We lost power one day, and I started swatching and then just decided to finish everything up. Its a relief to be done, as long as I dont think about the fact that waiting for me at my inlaws place when we get there in 3 weeks are about 20 more, and my birthday is next month which is also my month in my birthday group! lol. The wheels sure do look pretty :). I would love to have those swatch sticks though to do it all over again and be easier to compare colors. Anyway, as I mentioned, it is exactly 3 weeks from today that we get on a plane to move, leaving England behind. I am going to try to post more often, but it will most likely be older swatches I have stored, so don't mind the differing lenghts of my nails :).

Today I am going to show you Cold Winds Are Rising by Dollish Polish. I really love this color, its a very nice shade of gray with blue and teal glitters. Its based off of Game of Thrones, and I absolutely love that show! This is 3 coats which went on easily. The formula is just right, easy to apply and glitters distribute nicely.

 Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Love the look of this polish. It's so pretty


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