Anne Kathleen - Pumpkin Smashing Not Advised Collection

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Today I am here with the new Halloween collection from Anne Kathleen called Pumpkin Smashing Not Advised. The collection consists of 5 polishes. Lets see them shall we!

First up I have Blair, a pale yellow creme. I am not a big yellow fan, but this one is actually quite nice and even looks pretty flattering on. I used 3 coats to even everything out as it was a little streaky on the first coat.

Next up I have Tabitha, a peach colored creme. This is very pretty. I used 3 coats again to make it even as the first coat was a bit streaky.

Carrie is the glitter topper of the set. Its a clear base with fine black and orange glitter with black holo stars. I didn't have too much trouble getting the stars out, I only had to fish around for them for 2 nails. They came out easily for the others. I used 1 coat over both Blair and Tabitha.

Next is Morticia, a black with holo sparkle. I used 2 coats of Morticia, but 1 was almost enough. I tried everything to get my camera to pick up the holo sparkle but it just wouldn't. Its there, I still have it on as I type this and even in the low indoor lighting I can see it. Even in direct sun my camera just said nope, not gonna show it!

Last I have my favorite of the collection, Autumn. I just adore this color, its beautiful! Autumn is a dark orange with holo sparkle. I used 2 coats here as well. Again my camera was being fussy, the holo is there, but its not as strong in Autumn as it is in Morticia.

All 5 colors applied really well, I had no issues besides what was already mentioned. Overall this is a really great fun collection for Halloween! The Pumpkin Smashing Not Advised collection is on sale now, so head on over to any of the links below for more information and to purchase!

*Products provided for review but all opinions are my own*

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