Double Orly

Happy Monday! Today was my first day back to work, so sadly that means no more nail polish during the week, and after just one day in the dish room my poor nails are suffering already :(. I'm already looking at all the days off we get for 3 and 4 day weekends, holidays and spring break lol. But I have lots of swatches done already, and I plan to still do more as time allows. I also have a challenge coming up soonish, and will hopefully start up some features to give the blog some sort of schedule, so hopefully it shouldn't get too dull! I have a bit more going on this year than last year, I am a co-leader for my daughters Daisy troop which will keep me busy, plus helping out at the school on top of work and everything else! Good thing I am very organized by nature, I'm going to need it!

Today I have the last 2 of the Orly neons that I bought, Beach Cruiser and Skinny Dip. I love neons, I think they just might be my favorite type of color/finish after holos, and just above duo/multichromes. Its a pretty close race though! I wore both of these earlier this summer, both were two coats with normal base and top coats, I didn't use white under these this time. Formula was good, went on a little patchy on the first coat but giving it a couple minutes to dry before the second coat it evened out perfectly with no problems. I do believe Orly is quickly climbing up the list of my favorite big name brands!

First I have Beach Cruiser, a very bright hot pink creme. I wore this one to a birthday party for a 7 year old, and everyone loved it! I don't think I have ever gotten so many compliments on polish before. I found myself checking out my nails quite often as well. Here it is, in the sun:

And then we have Skinny Dip, a bright blue creme. If I had to pick a least favorite out of the 4 I bought, this would probably be it,  but with as much as I like this one, that isn't a bad thing! It is a bright blue, but compared to the other 3 I have it is the least neon out of them. It is still a great blue, almost a sky blue but brighter. Here it is in the sun as well:

I really love all 4 of the Orly neons I bought, and since I don't really follow trends I'm sure I will find myself reaching for these over the fall and winter when I need some cheering up from the lovely British weather lol. 

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