ABC Challenge - A

Today is the start of the first challenge I am taking part in, the ABC challenge. I'm excited to be getting into challenges, I love to be organized so what better way than knowing what you are going to post ahead of time! We will be posting once a week, on Wednesdays, as we do one letter of the alphabet each week. The only rule is that something in your mani has to start with the letter of the week: polish brand name, polish name, color, style used to create it, anything. I am going to try to be more creative than just using brand name and polish name each week, so I can challenge myself to be better at nail art.

I received all 3 Bundle Monster stamping plate sets for my birthday last week, so I now have those to help me out! So far I love them, the designs are pretty cool. I did notice after my Bundle Monster organizer came in and I was removing the blue film off each plate and putting it in the organizer, that I was missing a plate. I looked all over to be sure it just hadn't fallen, and not finding it I emailed the company. They got back to me right away with a reply saying they were very sorry and that a replacement plate would be shipped out to me right away. Now, I haven't used any of the plates yet but the one for this mani since I just got them, but I can say I can't fault their customer service. Very pleased with that, and I'm looking forward to using the plates a lot in the future!

Click below to see what I did!

On to what I chose to do for todays letter. I had a couple ideas, but I finally settled on using the alligator print on plate BM224. So now that I had my A, I just had to chose the colors. After much debate, I settled on A England Dragon and Dollish Polish Master Chief. Both are green holos, one lighter than the other. I started with 1 coat of Dragon on all fingers. After trying a couple different times to stamp as its my very first time attempting to, I ended up having to take off Dragon from 2 fingers. So what I finally ended up with is Dragon and Master Chief on alternating fingers, with two nails stamped.

Here is 1 coat of Dragon on my thumb, middle and pinky and 2 coats of Master Chief on my pointer and ring fingers. Then I stamped the Master Chief fingers with Dragon and BM224. I apologize for the stamping not being that great, but honestly for a first attempt I am fairly pleased with it. I plan on practicing a lot this weekend to get the hang of it! I love the combination of these 2 colors, I didn't want to take this off! Sadly, I did it last night and no polish at work so I was forced to this morning :(

Direct sun


Natural light

Natural light
So there you have it, my first challenge mani. To recap, for A I have:

- A England
- alternating nails
- alligator print

So even though the stamping isn't that good, I still have two other things that fit the A! Here's hoping I can show improvement on next weeks!

Check out these other lovely ladies that are also taking part in this challenge. Looking forward to seeing what they come up wit every week!


  1. Oh yes, the BM Service is great! I had the same problem with my order, one plate was bent, so the designs didn't really come off and one was missing. I wrote to them and they just send replacement, such a nice service!

    And don't give up on stamping, for a first try it really looks good. Sadly stamping takes quite some practice, you just need to discover what works best for you, haha :) I like the color combination and the idea behind it very much though!

    1. Thanks! Gonna keep practicing all weekend :)

  2. You did great! Stamping takes lots of practice....I still don't get it right everytime :-P

  3. This is so funny, because when I decided to do a-England, I almost did Dragon, chose between it and Perceval! We were in tune without meaning to be by managing to not do exactly the same one, lol. I love what you did with it--that texture effect is really great. :)

    1. haha! You know what they say about great minds ;) Perceval is a great color as well!

  4. Nails look fantastic - I'd never be able to do that! Just followed through bbloggers blog hop!

    Jen x

  5. I like your blog!
    I follw you!


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