B is for Berryeed Treasure!

Time for another ABC challenge post! I have to admit that this week has been so busy that I kinda slacked on doing a new mani for this post, and instead am using an unposted swatch. I know, I know, only the second week in and I'm already using the polish name for the letter even though I said last week I didn't want to do that lol. I am going to have to take some time before next Wednesday to get a few weeks ahead in this challenge.

So this week I have Naild'it Berryeed Treasure over Sally Hansen The Skys the limit. The Skys the Limit is a lovely sky blue. Berryeed Treasure is a clear base with a mix of matte blacks, whites, turquoise, and magenta, with some tiny holo purple. Both polishes have great formulas, they were very easy to work with. This is 2 coats of The Skys the Limit, and only one coat of Berryeed Treasure. I got great glitter payoff with no fishing or placing of the glitters. Here are the pics!

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  1. I love it!!! Great pairing! I cannot wait for next week's post :)

  2. That sally hansen polish is gorgeous!


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