Pretty & Polished Butterfly Garden

Happy Thursday! Hope everyones week has been going well. Today I have for you Pretty & Polished Butterfly Garden, one of their new color changing polishes, that was sent for review. I have never had a color changing polish before, so this was new to me and really fun! Click the read more to see pics.
The formula on this was slightly thick, but went on well, but I did have lots of trouble with getting glitter out. I think this is mostly down to me having a mini bottle to work with, minis can be hard to get glitter out of. I had to do a lot of shaking, turning upside down, fishing and placing to get the glitter out and evenly dispersed, especially with the flower and butterfly shapes. Again, I think this would be much easier with a full size bottle. I did use 4 'coats' here, I did 2 actual coats, and then went over a couple more times with all the fishing and placing to get the glitters. Depending on nail length, I think 2, max 3 coats would give complete coverage, with less fiddling using a full size bottle.

This color is a lovely grassy green that changes to a neon green/yellow. I have here how it looks when applied as stated above, then shown after I put my hand in the freezer for a few seconds, then again in the freezer for about a minute. Then I started using the water. First is with cold water, then hot water, then with both to show the color difference. I did use a top coat, and it didn't effect the color change at all. On to the pics!

As applied, out of the bottle

In the freezer a few seconds

Freezer for a minute

Under cold water

Under hot water

both hot and cold water

 There you have it! My first color changing polish. I had lots of fun trying different things to get the color to change, but in the end to best show it off the hot and cold water worked best for pictures.

You can find Pretty & Polished on FB HERE for updates and for purchase HERE

*Product in this post was provided for review, but all opinions are my own* 

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