Integrate RS341 & nail mail!

Today I have the new Japanese polish I posted about in my last nail mail post. I know nothing about this brand, but I really like this polish. The brush was good and so was the formula. I used 2 coats here, but could have almost left it at one. It is a really pretty rose shimmery color. The shimmer was a little bit more apparent in real life, with no sun I couldn't get it to show up on camera very well. Also, Seche Vite does not like this color, there was shrinkage that you can see. Overall, this is a great polish, and thanks again to S for getting it for me!!

Now for the nail mail! I am so excited that these finally got here, they are even more amazing in person. I have here Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily and Halcyon from their Fan Collection. $20 a bottle is pretty steep, but I am glad I decided to splurge on these 2, I love them already! I had to take close up shots to show off the shimmer in the bottle, its amazing.

Aqua Lily, Halcyon

Aqua Lily



  1. All very pretty. Looking forward to seeing Halcyon on you in particular:)

  2. YAY for the Japanese polish! And I can't wait to see the RBL on you too! I REALLY want some RBL!


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