Models Own Tropical Sun

Today I have Models Own Tropical Sun. I ordered two of the 3 new Beetlejuice collection and a set of 3 minis of the original Beetlejuice collection from Boots. After a nightmare trying to actually get them here, I can say they are well worth the wait! I should have received them March 31st, but due to idiots in the delivery company they finally arrived April 12th. But back to the polish. I chose this one to wear first because I was in the mood for a fun pretty orange to hopefully counter the crappy weather.

This is a very pretty color, a peachy orange that shifts to pink and gold with some shimmer to it. I foresee wearing this a lot this summer! Photos are taken inside with indoor lighting and then indirect sun. I'm not too sure that the pink shift shows up in my pictures, but at the right angle it is there. I also didn't do any clean up because when I did them last night I didn't think  needed to but pictures don't lie and it appears I do have a slight bit I should have done.


  1. Orange! It looks lovely on your skin. I ordered the entire Beetlejuice collection, old and the new. I didn't realise one of them was orange. Oh well, and here's me thinking I'd never wear orange:). It actually looks really pretty. Am excited now - want my nail mail now!

    1. It's a really pretty orange, it glows in the sun!


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