Favorite Indies part 3

We are up to part 3 now, and its being posted as promised! This part features the second brand that I have 9 of, and then the start of the double digits! Lets get right to it!

The second brand with 9 owned is Pretty & Polished. I recently reorganized my storage a bit, and actually had this brand in 2 spots since the label changed and I didn't pay close enough attention! It wasn't until I went through all my indies to make this post I noticed my error. I chose the one and only Jawbreaker as my favorite, this is 3 coats.

Next up is The Spooky Bones Company, which was actually my first ever indies! I remember seeing blogs talk about buying polish on etsy, and one day I finally went to check it out. I started searching for stuff and stumbled on this shop and they had an Are You Afraid of the Dark? collection, and I immediately bought them all! I was only able to get minis of most of them, and would love the full sizes eventually but I'm not sure they are making this collection anymore. But, there was another polish that caught my eye that I chose as my favorite. Freddys Nightmare. I LOVE Nightmare on Elm Street, they are my favorite horror movies, with Freddy my favorite villain. I love this polish, this is 4 coats, so to wear it again I will probably layer it to save polish.

With 12 polishes, I have Glimmer by Erica. I chose Muy Caliente as my favorite, this is 2 coats over 2 coats of Essie Fear or Desire.

With 15 owned, Once Upon a Polish is next. Sadly, she has closed up shop, but I think I was able to get everything I wanted from her before she shut down. One of my last purchases included my pick for favorite, Down the Rabbit Hole. This is 3 coats.

Also with 15, I have Pirate Polish. This one was a hard one to choose a favorite, and I finally narrowed it down to the 3 Harry Potter Unforgivable Curses. Then it got really hard! I finally chose Cruciatus, and this is 2 coats. I actually bought the set of these as a gift for one of my best friends when I bought mine, I can only hope she loves them as much as I do!

Moving up to 16 owned, I have Lush Lacquer. I chose Starry Nights for my favorite, this is 2 coats over 2 coats of Essence Grumpy. This was taken outside while the sun was hiding behind clouds. Look how pretty it is and how it still shows the holo particles even in such low light!

Also with 16, is KB Shimmer. I chose Toucan Touch This, one of the more unusual polishes to come out of all the Fall/Halloween collections that indies put out this year. Unfortunately, something about this did not want me to be able to take a clear photo, so its kinda blurry. I think maybe it is all the tiny bar glitters that did it. This is 2 coats over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Parrot. Side note, I gigged when I realized I had paired Toucan with Parrot without knowing lol.

And lastly for this post, I have Glitzology with 18 owned. I chose Baby Dragon as favorite, it was my favorite when I first reviewed 6 of her polishes, and even after getting more it still is. This is 1 coat over 2 coats of China Glaze Splish Splash.

Tomorrow will be the final 8, think you know what brands will be in that one?? Find out tomorrow!

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