Favorite Indies part 2

Today I have part 2 that was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was busy and then too tired to post it! I will have part 3 later on today as well. I want to say first off, some of these pictures are not the greatest. Living in England natural light is limited with most days being crappy, cloudy and dark, so I have to do my best with indoor lighting and it just could not capture this. Lets get to it though shall we?

These first 4 brands, I have 6 of each.

First up I have a brand that I have had real issues getting a hold of! For some reason, their site hates me and refuses to let me order :(. I tried first for the presale of the Fairy Tale collection, and tried again for the presale of Cocos collection, with a couple tries in between before I just gave up. I was finally able to get some of what I wanted from Overall Beauty. I have 6, so not a bad start! I also want to mention that every time I see this brand, it makes me miss Melbourne FL, we lived there for 3 years and my daughter was even born there! I am really hoping in the next year when we retire from the Air Force we can move back there to live permanently. But enough about that, these polishes were well worth the trouble and wait, and I picked Spontaneous as my favorite. This is 3 coats.

Next up is GlitterDaze. I had a hard time picking a favorite here, I have the Charmed Halloween collection and love them all! I miss Charmed :(. But I finally settled on Source of All Evil. Cole was always my favorite character, even when he was evil. So this is fitting! Here it is at 3 coats.

Next I have Pound of Glitter. I chose Never Enough of These! for this list. This is 3 coats, and it is stunning!

Two Birds is up next, and I picked Something Wicked. This is 2 coats, and looks way better in person!

Next up is F4 Polish, which I have 7 of. Surprisingly, when I placed my order, this polish was included in a mini for free, and it is beautiful! I think its funny a polish I didnt even order is my favorite from the brand lol. This is Minty Melon, and now I wish I had ordered it so I would have full size! Maybe later :). This is 3 coats.

Another one I have 7 of is Lacquistry. I chose AshBerry Frease, which I layered 1 coat over Spontaneous.

Femme Fatale Lacquer is next, with 8 owned. I chose Very Berry-licious, and it is amazing. I layered 2 coats over 2 coats of Zoya Sooki. It looks so squishy and edible! So pretty and perfectly named!

Last up I have 1 of 2 brands that I own 9 of, the other is in the next post to keep to the 8 brand format. This is Metametics Fire Nation. I am a HUGE Avatar fan, and Zuko is my favorite character. Only natural that Fire Nation would then be my favorite! Here I have 2 coats of Fire Nation layered over 2 coats of Essence Doc.

There we have part 2, part 3 will be up later tonight!

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