Cult Nails Be Loco

Happy Thursday! This week has been pretty nice with not having to get up at 6 am with snow days, and tomorrow is a 2 hour delay so I get to sleep until at least 8. But having to work at 7am Sunday means I have to be up early that day, so that sucks. But I get off at 2 which means I will be home in plenty of time for the Super Bowl! I'm more interested in seeing Bruno Mars at the halftime show but I will still enjoy the game. I'm going for Denver just because I always pick one team that I want to win whether I'm a fan of either team or not.

Anyway, today I bring you Cult Nails Be Loco. You saw this one under glitter yesterday, so I am now showing it alone. Its a great orange color, it still surprises me how much I love orange nail polish colors when its my second least favorite color normally! I used 3 coats and top coat, and it went on like a dream.

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