Rainbow Honey The Bubbly

I got the job! I actually left the interview Saturday already knowing I had the job. I start the 23rd, working in the deli at the local grocery store. Only part time, which is perfect, and I am actually getting a great hourly wage considering. My previous cafeteria experience helped with that so yay! Not quite sure what this means for my nails or nail polish yet, so that might not be so good :(. But what can I do. I will still be doing swatches even if I can't wear my CNS all the time, so you may be seeing a lot more of my natural shorties again soon!

To celebrate getting the job, on Sunday I applied 2 coats of Rainbow Honey The Bubbly to the OPI DS Classic I was already wearing. The Bubbly is iridescent glitters and opalescent flakes in a clear base. I topped it with The Bubbly scented top coat as well. The Bubbly went on really well, no issues with that at all. The top coat smells nice, and isn't very strong once dried, so no worries about smelling it unless your hands get close to your face.


  1. That is so pretty! I really can't wear gold but it sure looks great on you! And no matter what Woot! You got the job! I treated myself to a Rainbow Honey gift set at Christmas time ;) Including their top coat (unscented) I figured it was the holidays and I see no reason not to do it! I got mare of the moon and celestia gift set. I love their packaging don't you?

    1. Thanks! You picked 2 of my favorites, they are beautiful! They do have cute packaging

  2. I absolutely love this polish! It looks great on you!


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