OPI DS Classic

Howdy! Its been a while. Hope everyone had a great holiday and new year! I am going to try something this year, I am going to actually try and wear all the polish I already have at least once instead of buying more and more that just sit untried. I am going to limit my purchases to colors that I OMG HAVE TO HAVE instead of buying a bunch each month. Most of my new purchases from this point on are likely to be from indie shops, as they seem to have the most cant live without stuff. I will still do any reviews that are sent to me of course, and try to get swatches of new stuff up as I get it mixed in with my older stuff as I work my way through my stash. So, that brings me to this first polish!

I have a job interview this afternoon, so when I was looking for a color to use last night I needed something interview appropriate. I finally settled on this one, OPI DS Classic. This was a gift from someone in my birthday club, which was a lot of fun but is now over as we did the full year. Not able to participate in on again due to finances, but it was a great time. DS Classic is a nude with holo, though I wasn't able to get much of the holo to show up. Its storming today, so I had to use indoor lighting and flash. I use 3 coats to fully cover and top coat. It went on easily, not quite as sheer on the first coat as I expected. I almost didn't need the 3rd coat, but did it to be safe. I am not much of a nude/neutral person or a brown person, but this polish is really beautiful and doesn't look bad with my light skin tone. Its a good color for work so you can be neutral while still having some fun with the holo in it.

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