OPI Did It On 'Em

Today I have Did It On 'Em from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. When I first saw the release for this collection, I disliked this color. When they finally got the collection in at the salon here (last week) I bought the mini set of 4 of the colors. After I got home I put each color on a nail to check them out, and was surprised by how much more I liked this once it was on. And I loved the other 3 as well, so much so that I went back to the salon the next day and bought full size bottles of the 4 mini colors I had, plus the black glitter one. While this isn't my favorite of the collection, it looks way better in person on the nail than I thought it would. I used 4 coats on this because it did weird things at the ends of my nails, and still didn't look perfect, but top coat helped a lot to even it out. I think that may be because even though I'm holding the full size bottle in the picture, I used the mini bottle to paint which was a little awkward. I took the photo inside in direct light, and of all the pictures I took this is the only one I feel looks like the true color. Every other pic made it look either too yellow or too green. I'm glad I got at least one good picture.


  1. You're braver than I am! I've never really liked this color and I think it would look bad on me. My fav from this collection is Fly, hands down!

    1. Fly is the best one. This color seems to change from more yellow to more green as I look at it in different light so its pretty cool


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