Hits Demeter

I had today off, so I was able to paint my nails last night instead of having to wait til tonight. I chose Hits Demeter after looking at my stash then randomly picking it up. I love this color. Yellow and orange aren't my favorite colors, but orange polish seems to be the exception. Especially one this pretty with the holo! I used 3 coats, but the formula was great. As with Ares when I used it, not too much cleanup needed. I did get a bit of shrinkage from my top coat, more noticeable on my index finger, that didn't seem to happen before. The sun decided to hide all day, so the pic is inside with flash. It was the only way to get ANY of the holo to show up. I'm not sure how much longer I will wear this, having a 3 day weekend means I'm itching to wear another color while I have the chance!


  1. I LOVE this color and I can't even see it in person :) I cannot wait to get this collection!

    1. They all are worth the trouble of translating/navigating the site.


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