China Glaze Riveting

Since The Hunger Games was released this weekend, it was the perfect time to use one of the collection polishes I have. I chose Riveting because it was the one I looked forward to most. Even though I won't be seeing the movie until April 6th (booo!) I still wanted to use this. Hope everyone who has seen it loved it, I've heard nothing but good things!

I absolutely love this color! It is an amazing orange with so much glittery sparkles that it looks like it glows! So very glad I have this color, and I'm sure I will be wearing it a lot! I used 2 coats, though it was almost perfect in 1. Formula was good, it went on easy.

Inside direct light


Direct sun

Direct sun


  1. The one I was looking forward to was Smoke and Ashes but the swatches and reviews have all been pretty disappointing. So I've not bothered so far. The search for a glittery black-based polish continues:)

    1. When they put out the press release, I thought I wanted colors I ended up not liking once they were swatched, and vice versa.


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