A England Guinevere

Happy Friday! I'm so glad I had today off. Now just another 4 work days and then Spring Break! Today I have another A England polish, Guinevere. At first I didn't really want this polish. I thought I had seen swatches of it where it looked like a pinky color, and apparently I can't read either to see the description on A Englands site calling it a dusty mauve! On a whim I decided to buy it when I placed my ninjapolish.com order, and I'm so glad I did! I LOVE this color, I think it might be my favorite purple color I own that I've worn so far. It went on really well, was almost perfect after 2 coats but I did a third thin coat to fill in a couple small patchy spots.

First picture is in the shade and the second is in the sun. I also have to apologize for mu cuticles, they don't look that bad in person but work is really taking its toll on them :(

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