Butter London Victoriana

And now for the mani from last weekend! I chose Butter Londons Victoriana, a really pretty shimmery blue. I wasn't quite impressed with the formula after hearing so much about people loving Butter London. It went on fine, was a little thick and gloopy though. I used 3 coats, and had an issue with it kind of pooling at the tips on a couple nails and not quite covering the very edge as you can see. I'm not sure if its the polishes fault, my fault for sucking at actually applying polish or if it was a matter of the nail being short that caused it. I really liked the color, but I actually I think I liked it in the bottle better, and in other peoples swatches. It just looked slightly off to me on the nail, not really sure why. The shimmer was pretty noticeable which is always good. I'm pretty sure this was taken inside since I haven't seen much of the sun in over 2 weeks!

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  1. I was not impressed with Butter London either. Mine was gloppy and pooled at the tip as well. Even with the amazing Seche Vite as the top coat, it chipped pretty fast. At $11-14 per bottle, it's not worth it. I will try the other one I bought when I got the first one, but will most likely not be buying this brand again.


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