HITS Poseidon

Happy Memorial Day weekend! The sun has been shining here so I decided to take advantage of it and wear a holo I haven't worn yet! I chose HITS Poseidon, a pretty light ice blue kind of color. Formula was just as good as the other HITS holos I've used, but since its a lighter color I used between 3 and 4 coats for some nails to get better color. I did do this at night, and sleeping before I got to take pics kind of messed it up a little. I think since I still have Sunday and Monday off I might change this out after I clean house, I have so many colors I haven't worn that I'm dying to! Only 13 more work days til I am off for the summer and can wear polish everyday! I'm excited :)

The first picture is in the shade so you can see the pretty color, the other two are in the sun to show the holo!


  1. Such a beautiful color! I am definitely going to have to order that one. I'm such a sucker for blues :) Hits is becoming one of my favorite brands. Thanks for sharing that find with me!

  2. That is lovely on you :O ooh 13 days will fly by :P


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