Catch up post including Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon

So I have been busy and haven't gotten around to posting my purchases and nail mail or last weekends mani. So I decided while I have a few minutes before work to just put it all in one post! I hope any mothers reading had a wonderful Mothers Day, I was pretty spoiled :)

I'm putting this all under a cut so click here!

First up I have my first Color Club polishes. I have a bit of a problem with liking to go into our BX (military store pretty much like Walmart or Target without food) and just wander around and look. I was in there I think last Monday, didn't really see anything, but had to go back in on Tuesday for something. I always go to the makeup/nail polish section first, and I was shocked to see a display of Color Club hiding above all the L Oreal make up that wasn't there the day before! We have never had Color Club before, so I hope this is something that is permanent (I want the Take Wing collection!). We had in stock the Blossoming Collection, which I bought all of:

In no order: Blushing Rose, Sweetpea, Lavendarling, Blue-Ming, Hydrangea Kiss, Diamond Drops
Then we have Mothers Day. My daughter knows me so well, I got 12 new polishes and a new top coat! I finally own my first Orly and Nubar, and couldn't be happier so far!

In no order: Flirty, Fresh, Frisky, Frolic

In no order: Honeysuckle, Pink Lily, Purple aster, Yellow Primrose, Baby Sprout, White Peony, Earthen, Blue Hydrangea
I have the green Orly on my toes right now and love it!

Now for the nail mail I got yesterday, my order from Whimsical Ideas by Pam! If you haven't heard of her, you NEED to check her out on Facebook: Whimsical Ideas by Pam. I love and need all of her polishes, so it was EXTREMELY hard to just narrow down what I wanted first to just 5. I am more than happy with the ones I finally did choose, and want to say that her customer service is amazing. There was a slight issue with my address and she was very helpful in getting it sorted and keeping in contact with what was going on. I am forever grateful and just hope it wasn't too much of a problem for her, so I can order more in the future! Here is what I got:

Saturday Morning Cartoons, Seuss, Kitty Glitter, Kismets Pajamas, Peanut Butter and Jelly
 Look at these colors, I'm in love!
Saturday Morning Cartoons, Seuss, Kitty Glitter, Kismets Pajamas, Peanut Butter and Jelly
And now for last weekends mani. I chose to wear RBL Halcyon. I have to say, from all I heard about their amazing formula, I was disappointed. The first coat was extremely thin and streaky, but then the second coat was gloopy and thick and pooled up at the tips. I let those both dry for a good few minutes and then did a third coat followed immediately by a coat of Seche Vite and it looked wonderful them. I hate to complain about formula and application, because I am still really not good at application, so I'm never sure if it was just me or the actual formula. But that was my experience whatever the cause was. I do love the color though, I was sad to have to remove it for work Monday :( pictures are inside with overhead lights on.


  1. all of the orly and nubar look amazing! I love how bright the orly are.

    1. The pink Orly has shimmer as well! It's so pretty


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