Whimsical Ideas by Pam Seuss

Last weekend I wore one of the new Whimsical Ideas by Pam polishes I got. I knew I had to wear Seuss first since it was the polish I saw on another blog (I forget which one now, oops) that originally lead me to her. I loved this polish, such a great blue and the glitter is awesome! It went on wonderfully, I used only 2 coats.

As a side note, I do have to say I think I might have to break up with Seche Vite :(. I don't know what I am doing wrong, bu every time I use it as a top coat I get tip shrinkage. I've tried different things and with different polish brands and it happens every time. I thought before I might be waiting too long to put it on since I would do one hand and then use it, so this time I did one finger at a time. After the second coat of Seuss on each finger I put on Seche and it still happened. I've tried it by doing one hand then using it, doing both then using it, and now this. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I just about give up. I love how fast it dries the polish and how shiny it makes it, but hate the shrinkage. If anyone has any tips/ideas I'm all ears!

Now back to the polish. As I said I used 2 coats and I was happy with how it covered. I was worried I would need more coats and thought about layering it but I'm glad I didn't. The formula is fantastic, it went on super easy with no fishing for glitter! I couldn't be happier with this polish, and can't wait to try the other I bought and buy more!

The first 2 pics are direct sun on a somewhat cloudy day, the third is in the shade.

Also, I finally got in my Zoya Beach and Surf colors I ordered! They are sooo pretty, I can't wait to wear them all! The weather got really nice today, going from teh low 50s yesterday to the mid 70s today, so I took advantage and wore my flip flops out to show off my green Orly Fresh toes :) Its only supposed to last a couple days though, boo :( Here are the colors I ordered!

Carly, Rory, Kimber, Zuza, Wednesday, Myrta, Arizona

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  1. Love the Seuss color! and I can't wait to order my Zoya summer colors! I have also noticed tip shrinkage with Seche Vite lately. There was no shrinkage when I first used the bottle, it's only been the last few times I've used it. Maybe it doesn't age well? idk but it's still my favorite top coat


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