Nail Mail and purchases!

Today I have one quick post to show the new polishes I have gotten in the last week, and a little later I will have the mani I had for last weekend. Got kind of busy and didn't have a chance to post these!

First up, I finally got my Zoya order from when they did there buy 3 get 3 free offer. It takes forever for me to receive Zoya packages for some reason, I have a few of the Beach & Surf collection on its way to me that are due sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Areej, Kieko, Mira, Yasmeen, Jem, Yara
Then I have some purchases I made here as new colors are finally coming in:

Hidden Treasure (rerelease version), Good to Grape

Wedding Crasher, Princess Cut, Red Velvet, Must-Have Iris, Save the Date
Passionate Pink, Marmalade, Coastal Surf, Rich Raspberry


  1. All of the Sally hansens look amazing!!! I love the bottle shape on the diamond ones :P

  2. Love the Zoyas! Great haul!


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