Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

Today I have for you an indie polish from Rainbow Honey based on the My Little Pony series. As I said in my haul post when I got this, as soon as I found out about this collection I had to have it. A Little Kindness is Fluttershy in a bottle, and I love it. For this mani I layered 2 coats of A Little Kindness over 3 coats of Nubar Yellow Primrose. I really love the way the combo came out! Funny story, the night before I did this I actually had a dream about doing this combo and when I checked my swatch sticks next to each other in the morning I knew I had to do it. Lets get on to the pictures shall we?

First I have a shot of the 3 coats of Nubar Yellow Primrose alone. I am not a fan of yellow, but this is such a pale delicate color I kinda like it.

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Here is what adding one coat of A Little Kindness looked like:

You can see in the limited sunlight we had the pink shimmer on a couple nails and that even for one coat you get pretty good glitter payoff. The formula was thick, but I honestly liked that it was thick. Made it easier to get lots of glitter. There wasn't any dragging or placing of the glitter either, what you see is where it went on its own! Now for 2 coats of A Little Kindness:

I love the final result, and can't wait to wear some of the other colors! I went to a party last night and got quite a few compliments on my nails, they were a big hit all over!

And now, to go along with this I have a couple shots of my daughters nails to share as well. I did these a few days before taking the pics, so there is a bit of tip wear from her last couple days at school. This is Pinkie Promise (2 coats on middle and pinkie) and 2 coats of Nubar Blue Hydrangea under 2 coats of Celestia (one of the secret pony polishes, on index and ring). Again, I love the combo on the blues. Since I only have the mini bottle (for now!) I made her layer it to make it last longer lol.


  1. I love the combo! Nubar yellow primrose is a gorgeous colour.

    Your daughter has the cutest little nails!Bless! And I would have layered it too :P

    1. I don't do a lot of layering like this so I'm happy both actually turned out good!

      Thanks, I love painting her nails as much as she loves having them done!

  2. I didn't like the yellow until you put the glitter polish over it, then I LOVED it!!! Such a beautiful layering! and I love how your dd got in on the polish action :) So adorable!

    1. She insisted on being the first one to wear Celestia lol. Shes already asked when we are getting the full size of the 2 mini colors :)

  3. That's the yellow cutest nail varnish. I have a 99p version that I think is an exact dupe! x


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