The Spooky Bones Company Sardo

Today I have for you a polish from The Spooky Bones Company on Etsy, Sardo, part of their Are You Afraid of the Dark series. One of my favorite TV shows, as soon as I saw polish based on it I bought them all! Sardo was a little harder to get because my bottle had arrived busted, but was quickly replaced. Great customer service. I am going to use the shops description for this because I love it:

Sardo (No Mister accent on the doe) is an eccentric purple glitter inspired by the classically creepy Are You Afraid of the Dark character. A terrible magician and an even worse shop owner, Sardo is wonderfully weird and so is this color. A rich purple with fuchsia undertones, this color has multi color bar and hexagon glitters as well a rainbow of micro and extra fine glitters, plus purple and blue hearts.

I did have to shake this quite a bit to get all the glitters mixed in properly since it sat for a good couple months, but once mixed it was great. Went on easy, I used 3 thin coats the night before I took these pics and it was opaque, then in the morning I decided I wanted a little more glitter so I added one more. Sadly I was only able to get one heart out of the bottle, but even without the hearts I love it. Beautiful color and the glitters look great! Both pictures are taken indoors, crappy weekend again here, the first under indoor lighting and the second with as much natural light as I could get to show the heart on my thumb.

You can visit The Spooky Bones Company at their Etsy shop, there are lots of pretty polishes available right now!

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