Zoya/Birchbox Blogger Trio & Giveaway!

Today I finally received my Zoya/Birchbox Blogger Trio in the mail! I don't know what it is about Zoya products taking forever to get here, but they are always worth the wait. I am very impressed by both the formula of these polishes, and the colors as well. I have to apologize in advance for the pictures, I was so excited to get these that I immediately swatched them when I got home so I could do this post, and it is crappy and rainy out. Pics are taken indoors with crappy lighting and so don't look nearly as pretty as they do irl and they all look really close to the same color which isn't at all true. Also I have been in the dish room all week so my hands pay the price, even though I have been using Lemony Flutter and Helping Hands by Lush all week. Good news is that Wednesday is our last serve day, and Thursday is only a 3 hour day of cleaning then I'm done for the summer! I should hopefully be posting a lot more after that when I am able to wear polish everyday. This is also the first time I have done swatches of a collection, so lets get to it!

First up I have Coraline. Its described as a warm juicy tangerine. I love it, this is 4 coats, but very thin coats so if you do thicker ones it would probably be 3:

Click the cut for the rest!

Next up is Kate, described as a pinkish grapefruit. Again, this is 4 thin coats and is more pink irl:

Finally we have Belle, described as a coppery pink with microscopic bits of iridescent glitter. Again, 4 coats:

And as recommended, I layered one coat of Belle over both Coraline and Kate:

Belle over Coraline

Belle over Kate
I really love these three colors, I am so glad I ordered them!

And now for the fun stuff! I am going to give one lucky winner a set of these colors, plus a couple other things I love.

Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire shower gel, body lotion and perfume. I got these as a free gift with purchase, and since I bought so much myself, I decided to pass this on to share the love! This smells really good, and has my birthstone in the name.

The next prize is a True Blue Spa 60 second sugar manicure hand scrub. I really like this stuff, I use it once or twice a week and it makes my hands so soft! I ran out of mine, so I went and bought 3, a replacement for the empty, a backup and one as a prize.

And last but definitely not least: the Zoya/Birchbox Blogger trio! I knew I wanted to do a giveaway before these came out, so when they did I took that opportunity to order 2 so I had one for a prize!

Now for the part where you enter to win! Good luck everyone! Giveaway ends on June 15th and is open internationally!

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  1. These are amazing colors! I want them sfm :) *hint hint* LOL

  2. Coraline looks divine! I need an orange polish now lol.

  3. The middle shade looks divine! x


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