G is for GlitterDaze!

So this was supposed to get posted yesterday but it failed. So today, you will get 2 posts from me. The second post will go up later today. So for the ABC challenge this week I kinda cheated again, I picked a polish brand that starts with G, GlitterDaze! But, I only did this because I got in the Charmed Halloween collection and couldn't WAIT to try one! I love Charmed, so of course I had to get the whole set! I picked the one that is my favorite in the bottle, Source of All Evil. I will have a proper swatch/review post for them all soon, so we shall see if this one remains my favorite after I have tried them all.

Here is Source of All Evil, 3 coats on its own. I love it!

Here are the other ladies taking part, check them out!

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