Sat-ART-Day - 50s

Todays theme is the 50s. I really like this one, I actually had a few ideas this time! I chose to do a poodle skirt. I used 3 coats of Color Club Blushing Rose, stamped BM04 with Sally Hansen White On and used my Kiss nail art paint. Not the most original idea I admit, I have seen this done before, but I wanted something I could do a little bit of freehand with. Here it is:

Definitely not the worst I have ever done, but I do think I should have used either a darker/brighter pink for the base or stamped/free handed with black. The pale pink and white are both just too light, though you can see it better in person.

Here are the rest of the lovely ladies taking part!


  1. I love that you included the stitching in this.


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