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Today I have a very special post! I have for review for you the brand new Yokai Collection from Rainbow Honey, which goes on sale tomorrow, October 13th! A couple months ago, I along with some other bloggers, were contacted about keeping a secret by Rainbow Honey. I got the email as I was getting into bed and had checked one last time on my phone. I immediately replied that I would love the chance to review the new collection, not knowing anything about what it would be, but sure it would be great. A very excited, sleepless night ensued! lol Then we got an email saying the polishes would be going out and I checked the mail obsessively until I had them in my hands. I have to say, I was not disappointed! So yes, these polishes were provided for free for review purposes, but I will give a completely honest review of them.

The Yokai Collection is based off of Japanese folklore. The Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters. It is a very unique take on all of the different fall/Halloween collections that are coming out. Click the cut to see the pretties!

I'm going to talk about the formula up here, since its the same for all 3, which is excellent. Anybody familiar with Rainbow Honey knows that the polishes all have great formula, and these are even better! Went on super easily, and weren't too thick. For 2 of them, I almost only needed one coat, but I used two coats for all with top coat which made everything nice and smooth.

First up, we have Kitsune, the magical fox. This is a sandy brown/tan color with multi colored small glitters. I am not usually a fan of the fleshy toned colors, but with the addition of the glitters this one is great. It gives it just enough flair that I don't find it boring like most neutrals. I can see what appears to be orange, blue, pink, green, red and brown in the glitters, though my camera seems to have only been able to really pick up the brown tones.

Next I have Kawako. This one is a river-child, and the polish reflects that. It is a midnight blue color with glitters that make it look like the moon is reflecting off the water. I think this one is my favorite, the picture does not do it justice.

 And finally I have Oni, an invisible spirit. This is a very unique polish to me, and it seems to change colors depending on the light and the angle I hold my hand. Some ways it looks like a brown base, and others it appears more olive green. I really like that about it. The purple and gold glitters help make this polish almost glow.

There you have The Yokai Collection from Rainbow Honey. Don't miss out on this one, it goes on sale tomorrow morning at the Rainbow Honey shop! These are limited edition, don't regret not owning them!

*Products in this post were provided for review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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