Nerd Challenge - Space

Happy Friday! Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? My husband and daughter are going to see Monsters University tomorrow, but I can't go cause its only showing in 3D and it gives me a migraine :(. It sucks but oh well.

 Today I have for you the next Nerd Challenge, Space! Now, I suck at nail art, so almost everything you will see will be what I can come up with from my stamping plates or can be done with my very very limited skills. I had a lot of different ideas for this one, but each idea will be covered in their own individual day later in the challenge. So, what I came up with is the moon and stars. I used the beautiful Dollish Polish Space, the Final Frontier - HYPERDRIVE as my base, 2 coats, and I will review this soon. Over it I stamped Essie No Place Like Chrome using plate HD07 from Bunny Nails.

Check out what the other ladies came up with!


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